Truffula Seed Story


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             If I Had the Last Truffula Seed

                   By: Danny                          

I received the last Truffula seed from the Once-ler. I thanked him and decided on my way home I would look for the Lorax after I planted the Truffula seed. I went home.   I planted the Truffula seed with soil and watered it.  I decided I would go look for the Lorax. Suddenly, I saw something floating in the air. It was the Lorax! I told him that I had planted the last Truffula seed. He was very surprised.   He landed on the ground with a thud from the sky.

The Lorax and I went to look for the Bar-ba-loots, Humming-fish, and the Swomee-Swans. We packed our sleeping bags and some food. By the time we found the Bar-ba-loots in the jungle, and the Humming-Fish walking in pairs, and the Swomee-Swans flying in the polluted air, it was 10’oclock. We decided to camp.   In the morning, the Lorax and I got up and woke up the other animals.

After breakfast, we started walking to the pond . It took us three hours to get to the pond where the Humming-fish used to sing. It took us two hours to clean the pond. The Lorax and I took down all the buildings, which took us five hours. Then we tried to clear all the smog but it didn’t work, for two days it didn’t work. On the third day at 4’oclock in the afternoon the wind blew the smog away. Everyone cheered and lived happily ever after.




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Great work on your story, Danny! You understand a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. I like how you searched for the animals and cleaned up the Truffula forest. You could have added more detail to your story such as, how did you clean up the pond, how did you take down the buildings, or did you build new buildings etc. Keep working hard on your next writing project! 🙂

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