If I Had the Last Truffula Seed


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If I Had the Last Truffula Seed

If I had the last Truffula seed, I would put the seed in a tiny boxtumblr_m7jru4gwFP1rbmq7oo1_500 and put it in my pocket. I went to the place where the Lorax was lifted. I looked all around but I couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, I heard something from behind me, but it was only the dirty polluted wind coming towards me. It was getting to dark to see so I ran home. I got out a flashlight and got out a very thick jacket. I went outside, but then I noticed that the sky was too dark to search for the Lorax. I thought that I should get some sleep. I went inside, went upstairs, and flopped myself in bed. Very soon I was fast asleep.

The next morning, I woke up thinking about the Lorax. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. I told my mom that I would go outside and take a walk around town. So I went outside to look for the Lorax. I went to the place where the Lorax was lifted. I looked around the Grickle Grass and the rivers but it was no use. I sat down on a huge rock and thought about how the Lorax went away from the polluted area. Then I remembered that the Lorax lifted himself up to the sky. I quickly took some money out of my pocket. I went to the store and bought a little hot air balloon that only has room for one person. I paid for the hot air balloon. I went outside back to the place where the Lorax was lifted. I put the hot air balloon on the Grickle Grass.

I hopped in the hot air balloon to set off to the sky. I looked all around the area around me. “Lorax, where are you?’’ I shouted.  I didn’t hear anything till I heard someone say, “What do you want?’’ he asked me. I turned around and saw a tiny orange creature in front of me. It had a yellow mustache. It was staring at me with sparkly wide eyes. “I just wanted to tell you something exciting,’’ I exclaimed to him. I told him about the last Truffula seed that the Once-ler gave to me. After I was finished with my explanation, the Lorax was very excited. “I was just wondering if you could help me plant this seed. Can you help me?’’ I asked.   At first he said nothing, then he smiled at me. “I would love to help you with planting the tree,’’ the Lorax replied. We went to my house to get the water and the shovel.

My parents were busy shopping for groceries and clothes. The Lorax waited outside while I went inside the garage to get the shovel. I returned with the shovel and gave it to the Lorax. I went inside my house and got water from the bathroom in the watering can I found in the garage. While I was outside the Lorax and I started to search around for a perfect spot to plant the Truffula seed. In several minutes, the Lorax found a perfect spot a little bit out of the park to plant the seed. I took out the shovel and started to dig a hole for the seed. The Lorax put in the seed and I shoveled the dirt back in the hole. I watered the seed and went back to my house. I returned the watering pot and the shovel to the garage.

In two months, the tree was growing very tall. One day when I was at the park, I saw a tiny seed on the ground. So I went and picked up the seed. The seed looked just like the seed that the Once-ler gave to me. I went to the Lorax and told him the good news about the seed. We went back to the tree that we already planted. When we got there we got a huge surprise. The Swomee-Swans were flying in the sky. The Lorax was so surprised that he almost fell to the ground. I had to be careful that he wouldn’t fall down. “Where did you come from?’’ the Lorax asked surprised. The Swomee-Swans only waved in the sky where the Lorax went once the Once-ler ruined his place. The Lorax nodded his ok.

The next day I took out the seed that I found yesterday and I went outside. I found the Lorax in the park still sleeping on a slide. I woke him up and we went to the Truffula Tree that had already grown very tall. I brought the shovel and the watering pot with the water in it. I shoveled out a little hole to put the seed in. I put in the seed and I shoveled in the dirt. We went back to the park and the Lorax stayed there while I went home and put the shovel back in the garage. I put the watering can in the garage with the shovel. I went back to the park and I played with the Lorax until it was time to go home.   I went to my house and the Lorax stayed overnight with the Swomee-Swans overnight.

In two months the tree had already grown into a beautiful tree. Once there were enough trees grown for the animals and the Lorax, we started to look for the Humming-Fish and the Bar-ba-loot-Suits. The Lorax went in the park to look while I went to look around my house. The Swomee-Swans went flying around the sky and went to the place where the Lorax lived before he moved here to the park. After we all met back at the park. The Lorax came back with nothing, but the Swamee-Swans came back with the Bar-ba-loot-Suits. The Lorax was so glad that the Swomee-Swans found the Bar-ba-loot-Suits. When the Bar-ba-loots saw the Truffula tree, they ran to the fruits and ate some. The next day we went searching for the Humming-Fish. We all went in several spots we went in the park, by the river, and out of town to search. When we were done we all went back to the park. The Bar-ba-loots came back and said that they found the Humming-Fish in the river. We all ran to the river and looked in the river. We were almost about to give up then something caught my eye. There was a fish in the water and it looked exactly like the Humming-Fish. The Lorax had spotted the fish to and a big smile spread over his face. When I saw his smile I knew that those were the Humming-Fish. One of the Humming-Fish had spotted the Lorax and making his way to the Lorax. All the other Humming-Fish were wondering what the fish was doing till they saw the Lorax. Now the other Humming-Fish were on there way to the Lorax. The Lorax made a bigger smile than before. The Swamee-Swans and the Bar-ba-loots were looking very excited too. Once all the Humming-Fish were there they came with us to the park. There was a pond beside one of the Truffula Tree and we put the fish in the pond. The Humming-Fish were much happier than before.

The next day when I went to the park, the forest that we made looked like a new world for the Lorax and his animal friends. The Lorax thanked me for everything that I had done to save his life. The Lorax and his animal friends lived happily ever after in their new forest.

The End!!





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Excellent work, Martha on your story. You understand a story must a beginning, middle, and end. I like how you story started with finding the Lorax, planting the seed, taking time for the seed to grow, and ending with the animals returning to their now beautiful forest. It was a creative idea to take a hot air balloon ride to find the Lorax. Nice use of vocabulary such as: tiny, excited, and beautiful. Be sure to show your parents your story! Keep working hard, Martha! 🙂

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