San Diego Skype


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San Diego Skype

We skyped with the San Diego Zoo in the United States.. The presenters name was Rebecca and she explained everything about what the animal like to eat or drink. First we saw a Tortoise. The tortoise was a slow walking animal. It was green with black spots. It likes to hide in its shell. It can live to about 70 years. The next animal was the Grey African Parrot. It likes to live in Africa in the forest. If it eats something the bird will chew on it and then litters it on to the ground. The bird was grey with a red tail. The last one was a Sugar Glidar. The Sugar Glider was a grey, black, and white animal. It can glide very fast from one tree branch to another. A Sugar Glider likes to eat peanuts and fruit like pineapple, oranges, strawberries, and grapes.

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Excellent work, Martha! You demonstrated a solid understanding on what you learned from the San Diego Zoo Skype. You included details that you learned about each animal. I thought the Sugar Glider was a neat animal! What was your favourite animal? Keep up the great work!

It sounds like a great video conference. Too bad I missed out. What was your favorite animal? I would like to visit a zoo. Have you ever gone to the zoo?

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