Awesome Bird Skype with the Biologists in Ontario!


Posted by sarag1516 | Posted in Math | Posted on November 6, 2015

Today we Skyped with Bird Studies Canada that taught us about many different kinds of  birds.  The biologists live in Ontario.  I am so glad that we Skyped with Bird Studies Canada! They put bands on the birds to track them.  The first bird was the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  It has a red spot on its’ head.  That is why it is called the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  A Ruby Crowned Kinglet is the size of a loonie.  It is a good thing that they let the birds go when they are done measuring the birds. We were lucky we got to  see  a Saw-Whet Owl when we Skyped. The birds we saw a very beautiful creatures. We only saw four birds, but there are many birds in the world. The Fox Sparrow is very fuzzy like a fox.  It is very tiny, has a grey head, and brown wings. It enjoys seeds and has a thick bill. The Yellow Rumped Warbler has a yellow and black rump and enjoys berries. I hope I will get a bird of my own some day when I grow up. 

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Nice work, Sara! You did a great job describing what the birds looked like and what they eat. I would liked for you to have added more detail describing the Saw-Whet Owl. It is kind to release the birds after they have been measured. A goal for your next writing project is to continue adding detail and description. I hope you get to own your a bird one day, since you love animals! 🙂

Hi Sara! I’m glad you enjoyed Skyping with us at Long Point Bird Observatory! Your descriptions of the birds are very good. Just to clarify for you and your readers, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet ‘weighs’ about the same as a loonie (~7g), however is about 11 cm long (comparable to the size of a computer mouse). It sounds like you really like birds! Did you know you can attract birds to your yard by putting up some bird feeders? You can have fun identifying who visits and watching their behaviors all winter long!

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