Remembrance Day Letter


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Dear Veteran,

Thank you for fighting in the war.  It is terrible very few of the soldiers came back.  Thank you for fighting in other countries to help them gain freedom.  Thank you for keeping our country safe. Thank you for freedom and peace. Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for keeping our country safe.

John  McCrae  wrote the poem in Flanders  Fields.  He wrote the poem after his friend was killed the war. The poppies started to grow on the graves and that is why he wrote the poem.  Poppies were green in the middle, but are black now.  We wear a poppy to remember the soldiers.

We are making a poppy out of clay and we are putting on picture frames. We are making the poppies to remember those who died for us. We are sang, “A Wish for Peace,” at the Remembrance Day Assembly on Tuesday, November 10th.  We listened  to a“ Pittance of Time.”  At the assembly a veteran named Mr. Eichelbaum talked about war.

Yours Truly,


tank                                             war jet

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Good work, Peter! You showed you understand the importance of Remembrance Day. You explained what you learned Remembrance Day well, however, you need to continue adding and detail to your writing. Nice selection of pictures for Remembrance Day and font colour. Your clay poppy picture turned out well. Keep working hard, Peter! 🙂

Your letter was done well, Peter.

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