Rememberance Day Letter


Posted by agathan1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on November 26, 2015

Dear Veteran, 

Thank you our fighting and keeping our country safe. Thank you for fighting in other countries to help them gain freedom. We watched a clip called,” A Poppy Remember,” which showed how scary it must be to fight in a war. I wish that all the soldiers would come home safe.

Some children have to walk through bombs to get to school. Some countries people do not live in peace. I learned that some people have to hide in their basement because of the war.  Some people get shot because they doesn’t have the same skin color. Every year on Remembrance Day a page is turned in the Book of Remembrance to remember the soldiers that died in war.

We sang a song called, “A Wish For Peace.” It was nice to see my friends perform at the Remembrance Day Assembly.  I can`t wait for next year and see what songs we will be sang. At the school assembly we had two minutes of silence. Sometimes my sister and I try to make a paper wreath.soldier-1600-900-wallpaperpoppyimages

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Nice work, Agatha! You showed empathy in your post. You understand how difficult war is for soldiers and for people experiencing war in other countries. You explained the Book of Remembrance well. It is nice that you and your sister made a paper wreath. Continue working on adding detail and description to your writing. Your poppy picture turned out nicely. Great selection of Remembrance Day pictures and font colour. Keep working hard, Agatha! 🙂

Your letter was well done, Agatha!

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