Remembrance Day Letter


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Dear Veteran,soldier-1600-900-wallpaper

Thank you for fighting for us. For keeping us safe and helping us. For keeping our country safe and free. Thank you for saving our lives. Thank you for fighting other countries, and gain freedom. I am glad that you fought for us. Thank you for fighting in the skies, ground, and also rivers.

The Peace Tower has 53 bells. We saw graves of soldiers, guns, and tanks.  What a terrible thing to go through. We learned about how hard it was for soldiers returning from war. We listened Pittance of Time. We read a story called a, “Poppy is to Remember.” It was a book about war. We listened to Bryan Adams song called, “Never Let Go,” and it is written for all the soldiers that died.

We wear a poppy to remember all the soldiers that died for us. There was a soldier at the Remembrance Day named Mr. Eichelbaum.  The grade 9’s did a shadow play about soldiers. Mr. Eichelbaunm told about his life. We made poppies out of clay. We used yellow for the wheat, red for the poppy, and blue for the sky.   Mr. Eichelbaum had medals on his shirt.  He had four on one side and four on the other side.


Yours Truly,solders marching


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Nice work, Peter! You showed empathy by stating how terrible war would be. This shows you understand the importance of paying your respects to fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day. You explained your understanding of different symbols about Remembrance Day well. Continue working on adding detail and description to your next writing project. I enjoyed the shadow plays well. Excellent job describing how we made the clay poppy, which yours turned out well. Nice selection of Remembrance Day pictures and font colour. Keep working hard, Peter! 🙂

Good job!

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