Remembrance Day Letter


Posted by abef1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on November 27, 2015

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for protecting our lives and serving our country.   I appreciate what you have done for us. We watched at clip which showed how scary it must be to in war.  We learned we wear a poppy to remember the fallen soldiers.  We learned about John McCrae.  He wrote a poem called, “In Flanders Fields.” The fields grew poppies on the graves of fallen soldiers.  The Peace Tower, in Ottawa has 53 bells. We are having a Remembrance Day ceremony on November 10th. We sang a Wish for Peace song by Denise Gagne. We had a Remembrance Day Assembly and my favourite part was the two minutes of silence. We saw a soldier at the ceremony and the soldier told us a story about the terrible war.   

Yours Truly,



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Nice job, Abe. You showed an understanding of the importance of showing respect on Remembrance Day. You described John McCrae, the Peace Tower, and the Remembrance Day Assembly well. You need to continue working on paying attention in class to help you add more detail and description to your writing. This is something you need to work on for your next writing project. Keep working hard! 🙂

Good work, Abe!

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