Remembrance Day Letter


Posted by johnnyb1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on November 27, 2015

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for fighting and keeping our country free and safe and other countries too.  We read a book called, “A Poppy is to Remember.”   It told us that on November 11th 1918 people everywhere celebrated the return to peace after World War 1 ended.   On November 10th we had our Remembrance Day program.   Our song was, “A Wish for Peace.” There was a soldier at the Remembrance Day Assembly.  His name was Mr. Eichelbaum.  We learned that the Peace Tower has 53 bells inside and it has the Book of Remembrance.  They flip the page every Remembrance Day.


 Yours Truly,




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Good work, Johnny! You wrote some nice ideas about Remembrance Day. Keep working on adding more detail and description to your writing. This is something you need to work on for your next writing project. You have excellent ideas, you just need to work on getting them written down. Your poppy picture turned out nicely! Keep working hard! 🙂

Good work on your letter, Johnny!

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