Santa is Stuck!


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Santa Stuck In the Chimney

By: Benny

One chilly evening Christmas Eve there was a really big blizzard.   Our dogs were in their dog houses and the windows were squeaking because of the blizzard.   I was really cold so I leaned as then I wondered “Santa“ I quietly tiptoed downstairs and I saw the hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies I left for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer and milk for the elves were untouched.

I looked up into the chimney and I saw something fluffy and it was Santa’s white beard.   I pulled and he yelled and I looked again and it was Santa stuck in the chimney.   I quickly went to the garage trying not to wake up my parents, my brother, and sisters.

 I found a rope and tied his hands together and pulled and pulled.   Santa was too fat! I went and got a ladder.  I climbed up the roof and tied Santa’s feet together and tied the rope onto Santa’s sleigh.  The elves were controlling the sleigh and I was on telling them where to go   I heard Santa yelling, “Ouch.”  I went back inside tied his hands together and pulled and pulled, but still he was too fat. I tied the rope on Santa’s huge shiny belt and I pulled and pulled, but still he was too fat. I tied the rope on his cozy red shiny suit and I pulled and pulled.  The rope started to rip and uhh .  . . I fell.  

I went to the cupboard and got some cooking oil.  I heated the oil on the stove hot and I went to the chimney.  I made his suit slimy and his belt.  I pulled and pulled on his shiny belt but I slipped and I fell.  I went up the roof and made his boots slimy.   The elves helped me pull and he got a little looser.  We pulled and pulled and I almost slipped off of the roof.

I climbed off of the roof and went back inside.  I made his face slimy with oil. I pulled on his head and pulled as hard as I could.   It still did not work.  I put more oil on his shiny red suit and I pulled on it as hard as I could.  That idea did not work.

I quietly went to the garage again and got a metal chain.  I went back inside and tied it on his shiny belt and pulled and pulled.  That did not work , so I tied it on his laces on his red suit.   I and Santa yelled,  “Ouch,” that hurts.  

I untied the metal chain and I went back outside and climbed up on the roof again.  I tied the metal chain on his boots.  I pulled as hard as I could.   Well that did not work, so I went back inside. Then I tied it on his belt again and I pulled and pulled uhhhhhh and he fell to the ground. I asked are you, “Okay” and Santa replied, “Yes.”

 I told him to go eat some cookies and drink some milk.  Santa told me to back to bed.  He tucked me and told me he would put presents under the tree.   He wished me a great Christmas with my family and friends.   I fell asleep.  When he left he used the front door and he yelled, “HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Good work, Benny! Your story had a beginning, middle, and, end. Your ideas followed a logical order of getting Santa out of the chimney – pulling with a rope and having the reindeer and elves help, using cooking oil, and finally using the metal chain to get him out of the chimney. Nice of verbs, adverbs, and adjectives in your story to make it more interesting such as, quietly, tiptoed, squeaking, quickly, shiny, cozy, and slimy. Descriptive writing helps make you writing more interesting. I like how you made your story funny by including the, “uhhh.” This helps the reader imagine how you were feeling when trying to get Santa out of the chimney. Poor Santa seemed to be in pain, as he said, “Ouch,” a great deal, but you managed to get Santa out and, “Ouch,” is a great onomatopoeia word. Make sure for your next writing punctuation that you edit for run-on sentences. Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to your story. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Keep up the great work! 🙂

Hi Benny!! My name is Athena and I live in Pennsylvania and I thought your story was great!!! and the only thing that I wish you fixed was when you said “I and Santa” it should be Santa and I. Come and visit my blog and comment at and come and visit our class blog and comment at Thank You!!!!

Hey Benny!
That was a really good story! I like how you used the idea with the rope, then the cooking oil so the rope might work, and then you used a metal chain. You did a really good job. You can visit my blog by using this link:
I hope you visit my blog! 🙂
Lily (P.S. I am in Mr. Geimans class). 🙂

Hi Benny! I’m from PA I like your “Santa is Stuck” story it’s nice. I wish you a Happy 2016. Follow me at

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