Santa Stuck In My Chimney


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      Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney

By Peter 

One chilly Christmas Eve I went to bed.  I was so excited for Christmas. I heard a noise. I thought it was my sister. I heard the noise again. I went down the stairs to see what happened. I saw Santa’s white beard hanging down from the chimney.

I went closer to peek into the chimney before I was about to peek in Santa yelled, “HELP!”  I backed up and Santa cried, “Help.” I went to the kitchen to get some soap and water.  Santa exclaimed, “That is too wet.”

I tried some melted butter to get him out of the chimney. He exclaimed, “It was too sticky.”  I got a long shovel from the garage to scrape out the butter. But I couldn’t reach all the way down.

I tried to pull him out of the chimney with a rope and two pounds of weights attached to it.  I tied the rope to Santa’s foot.  He exclaimed, “It hurts.” I quickly untied the rope, so it wouldn’t hurt for too long.

Santa was still stuck because of the sticky butter. I went to get a lighter to melt the butter again. I made the butter even hotter than the other time. I made sure it cooled a little before I poured the butter into the chimney so I wouldn’t burn Santa. Soon the butter reached Santa and he quickly slide down.

  “Thank you!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” he exclaimed!fat-santa-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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Good work, Peter! Your story had a beginning, middle, and end. Your story had different ways to get Santa out of the chimney – melted butter, the rope, and the melted butter again. I like how Santa replied to you by not liking your choices of getting him out of the chimney. Good use of descriptive language such as: chilly, peek, quickly, and white beard. Your font colour was readable and your pictures related well to your story. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated the reason for the season – the birth of Christ. Keep working hard and continue working on adding more detail to your next writing project. 🙂

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