Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck!

By: Abe

One chilly Christmas Eve I woke up and went downstairs to get a snack.  When I ate my snack  I went back upstairs.  When I was in the middle of the stairs I heard a THUMP, but I just ignored the THUMP. Then I heard it again.   I thought I heard it come from the chimney.   I looked in the chimney.  It was Santa!   I saw him with my own eyes. Santa asked, “Can you  please help me get out of the chimney?”   I just stared at Santa.  He asked again.   I replied, “Sure!   Sure!”

I went to the garage to get a rope.  I went to our backyard and I found Santa’s sleigh. Before I climbed up to the roof, I realized I forgot the ladder I went back to the garage to get a ladder. As soon as I found a ladder I ran back to the backyard and climbed up on the roof.  I tied the rope on Santa’s sleigh and to Santa’s shiny boots.  When I jumped into Santa’s sleigh I didn’t know how to fly the sleigh.

I tried another idea.  I ran inside to get melted butter.  When I looked in the fridge I did find the butter but it wasn’t melted.  I grabbed the butter and melted it in the microwave.  As soon as the butter melted I poured the butter in the chimney.  It didn’t work.

I used a magnet to stick onto Santa’s belt, but it didn’t work either!  I was running out of ideas!  I tried cooking oil, but we only had a little oil. I grabbed the oil and poured all the oil in the chimney.   Santa moved an inch and I quickly grabbed the hose and sprayed lots and lots of water in the chimney.

Santa slipped out of the chimney and landed on the rug.  Hooray Santa is out of the chimney!   Santa thanked me a great deal. He told me to go back to bed.  I walked back to bed and I could hear, “HO!  HO!  HO! Merry Christmas,” as I fell asleep.


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Good work, Abe! Your story has a beginning, middle, and, end. Your story followed logical details to help get Santa out of the chimney – rope, melted butter, magnet, cooking oil, and finally the water. Poor Santa! Must have been an oily wet mess, but you did get him out of the chimney. I like how you used thump, which is an onomatopoeia word and shiny which is an adjective. Continue working on adding detail to your writing, such as where did you get the magnet and cooking oil? How did you get the hose into the house or onto the roof? This will help make your writing more interesting. Your font colour was readable and your pictures related well to your story. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Keep working hard, Abe! 🙂

Hi Abe,
I am from Mr. Geimans class room. I really like how your story was very entertaining. I wish you would have used less I’s in your post. I wonder why Santa was stuck in the chimney. My blog URL is To come to my teacher blog you can go to

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Hello Abe I’m from Mr.Geiman’s 4th grade class. I really like this story! But I wish you could’ve made another character to help you in the story. And I wonder how Santa got stuck in the chimney. Follow me at

Hey Abe!
I really liked you story, it was pretty nice. I like how you used the rope and cooking oil. Did Santa give you your presents?

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