If I Lived In a Snow Globe


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If I Lived in a Snow Globe      

By: Paulina 

One morning I opened my eyes and I looked out the window and saw a white blanket of snow  before my eyes. We lived in a small community and  it had a  lot of   snow.  Just then I got the most interesting idea ever. I ran down the stairs and got on my snow gear and ran outside.

I built a snowman.  I put on eyes, ears, mouth,  nose, and the best thing I put on her was a hat. I named her Mallory. After I finished building the snowman, I ran into the backyard and made a snowangel. A while later, I heard my mom calling me in for  breakfast. I went inside and as I sat down to eat, the doorbell rang. I wonder who it could be? Maybe it is my friend Elsa? I ran to get the door and when I opened it, I saw the snowman I made standing by the door.        

My snowman had came to life! What a magical surprise. I told her to wait until I was done eating. When I was done eating, I rushed to my room and saw a shiny rock standing on my shelf. I took the rock and ran outside to show Mallory, my snowman. As Mallory touched the rock, “POOF,”  I was stuck  inside  the snow globe with my friend, Mallory on the mantle. I  could see my mom baking some fresh cookies. YUM!  I could smell the cookies  from inside the snow globe. I  ran and tried to grab the cookies, but I  just banged on the hard glass of the snow globe and hurt my head. OUCH!         

How are we going to get out of here,” I asked Mallory. I don’t know. It’s all your fault,” exclaimed  Mallory. “Im sorry, but I didn’t know that it was a magic rock,’’ I sobbed. “How about we go and play a game suggested Mallory. “We won’t be able to get out anyway.” “Okay. What do you want to play.” I  asked? “How about  freeze tag.,” suggested Mallory.   Off  we went to play.

After a while, Mallory and I were tired from playing tag all afternoon. We went to have a snack, and after it was time to go to bed. Mallory and I went to sleep in our sleeping bag. In the middle of the night, Mallory and I heard scary noises and cuddled together and got very scared.  A few minutes later Mallory and I fell asleep. ZZZZZ! 

The next morning, Mallory and I woke up early because we wanted to think of a way to get out of the snow globe. I have an idea I said to Mallory.” What is it, what is it,” shouted Mallory, Okay here is my plan.  You see that hammer in that little Coffee Shop, I’m going to ask one of the workers if we can borrow it. That’s my plan.” That’s the greatest idea of all,” exclaimed  Mallory. “Are you ready?” I asked Mallory.  “Yes!   I’m ready.   Now lets go,” exclaimed Mallory. 

When the worker gave them the hammer, Mallory and myself were thankful.  They rushed off to the end of the snow globe. I started to hammer and hammer until it started to crack more and more until a huge piece of glass from the snow globe fell onto the mantle. BANG! “Wow!  that was loud ,” I exclaimed.  “ Now let’s quickly go and tell mom that we are safe again,” both Mallory and I exclaimed at the same time.

We jumped onto the mantle and I went to tell my mom what I and my new friend Mallory had discovered in the snow globe. When I came back into the kitchen, I realized that there in the middle of the kitchen was a big puddle of water.  I stopped and thought for a bit and tried to think why there was a big puddle of water on the floor. “Hmm,” I thought.   “Oh no my friend melted!  “Oh well,”  my mom said .  “You can make another one.”   “Okay,” I replied.  I rushed outside to build a new snowman.   After supper it was time for me to go  to sleep, I told my  parents that I would never touch the magic rock again.  No one ever did!   

The End !

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Good work, Paulina! You understand a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. It was creative to build the snowman, Mallory and have her become trapped with you in the snow globe after touching the magic rock. I like how you and Mallory played freeze and kept each other company. It was a smart idea to use a hammer from the worker at the Coffee Shop. Too bad Mallory melted, but it was a wise idea to not touch the magic rock again! Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to your story. Keep up the great work, Paulina! 🙂

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