If I Lived in a Snow Globe


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If  I Lived in a Snow Globe


By: Peter

It was snowing.  Dad just got a cheque from work so we went shopping. We drove to the snow globe shop. I saw a DJ snow globe.  It had a note on it.  It said close your eyes and shake. So I closed my eyes and shook the snow globe. When I opened my eyes I was in a  snow globe. I felt lonely, but then I saw the  DJ.  I told the DJ how I got into the snow globe. I knew that he wasn’t listening, so I took his earphones off.  I told him again.  He still didn’t listen, so I took his guitar away.  He still didn’t  listen, so I took his shoes.  He still didn’t listen.   I was so angry.  I put on his earphones, guitar, and shoes.  He looked jealous.   I gave him all his equipment back and turned back.

 On the floor I saw a newspaper.  I read it and it said, “WANTED!  ROCK BAND!”  I had an idea.  I went to the DJ.   I gave the DJ the newspaper.  He read it.  We took  all the equipment.  We took the my fancy Ferrari to the concert.  The DJ and I went to the change room.  We got ready for the concert.  We went on stage. We sang, “Twinkle, twinkle little star.” Everybody cheered when we were done. The DJ and I climbed back into the Ferrari to celebrate With the DJ’s family.  Well I was with the DJ’s family  I thought about how I miss my mom and dad.  we all sat down at the table and played connect four.   I went outside and felt sad.  The DJ came outside too.  we sat on a log.   I told the DJ how I was feeling.  The DJ suggested to help cheer me up that we go buy a monster truck from the Chevy dealership to race around the track.  We raced our monster trucks around the race track.  My monster truck beat the Dj’s about a mile and I won the race.  Unfortunately, the DJ’s monster truck broke down at the race track while I could see my parents still shopping at the store out of my snow globe.  I waited and waited until my  mom and dad wanted to go home.  I  could tell they were looking for me. They finally found me in the snow globe.  I tried to get out, but there was no way out.  I dug under the snow globe.   I still couldn’t get out.  My mom and dad were worried and wanted to call the police. 

I had an idea! I took the DJ’s drumsticks and threw them into the glass . It didn’t work.  I sat down.  I thought  and thought and thought.  I had another idea.   I told the DJ the plan.   I could use my monster truck and crash into the glass.  I reeved up my monster and crashed into the snow globe.  I made sure I was wearing my seat belt.   The glass broke.   I fell out of the snow globe and returned to my normal size.  My mom and dad hugged me and told me how much they missed me and were worried that I would be trapped in the snow globe forever!   On the way home I told my parents about the adventures I had with the  DJ in the snow globe!

The End!





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I like the part where the person takes his guitar and then takes his shoes off. I wish that you could have fixed some spelling mistakes like after a sentence capitalize the first letter in the first word. I wonder if you will ever be in a band?

Good work, Peter! You understand a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. Your idea was creative about meeting a DJ in the snow globe and being able to perform at a rock concert! I like how you and the DJ had a monster truck race as well. Very clever to use the monster truck to get out of the snow globe. Also, very wise to wear your seat belt! I’m really impressed with your story ideas, but continue to watch your capitalization and punctuation for your next writing project. Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to your story. Keep up the great work, Peter! 🙂

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