If Lived in a Snow Globe


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If I Lived in a  Snow Globe

By: Peter

 One snowy morning I woke up and I noticed that I lived in a snow globe because I touched my magic toy Santa sleigh.  When I touched the magic toy Santa sleigh I made a wish to go to Antarctica to live with the polar bears and the penguins. I was in my house, which was inside the snow globe, playing games, when I  heard a knock on my door.  It was my friend Polar the Bear.   I let him come in and play.


We had fun playing board games.  Polar the Bear’s friend Wobble the Penguin knocked on the door and joined us as well. We went outside to build an igloo.  We built the igloo until  we became thirsty. I asked my   friends “Do you want some hot chocolate?” They replied, “Sure we could use some to warm up. “When I returned with the hot chocolate they had already finished the igloo. I was proud of them, so I gave them extra hot chocolate.  They wanted some doughnuts to go with the hot chocolate.  I told them I would be right back with the doughnuts.  They exclaimed, “Don’t worry!  We are not going to leave!”  When I came back they were ready for their doughnuts. We ate our  doughnuts and drank our hot chocolate

Wobble exclaimed, I should  give you some swimming lessons!  “Sure,” I exclaimed.  First he taught me how to dive.  He taught me how to catch fish. I asked him, “Will you show me how to build a house to live n?” “Of course,” Wobble replied. “How do we begin building the house?” I asked.    “First we dig a hole that is a little bigger than you.  Then we look for long twigs. We use the  twigs  to cover the hole.”  We covered the hole with the twigs we found in the woods. We  went into the house. “It is dark in here.  I will stay in my regular house because it is warmer,” I thought to myself.


Polar the Bear taught me how to take care of his baby polar bear sister. He replied her name is,  ‘‘Lily.”  Sometimes Lily is tired and she needs to nap. I enjoyed being friends with Polar  the Bear and Wobble the Penguin, but I needed to get out of the snow globe.  I went to my garage and got a chain saw.  I tried to  saw the globe down.  I couldn’t find the start button on the saw.  I went back to my garage  and got an ax.  I hit the glass until it started cracking. I got my saw and started sawing a gigantic hole. Finally the hole was large enough and I climbed of the snow globe.

                                                                                                                                         The End.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  chian ssawTim-Horton-drinks-and-donuts                                                                                                              

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Good work, Peter! You understand a story has a beginning, middle, and an end. I like the names you used Polar the Bear and Wobble the Penguin for the friends that you made in the snow globe. I like that you had many adventures with your friends in the snow globe, before sawing out of the snow globe. Your font colour was easy to ready and your pictures related well to your story. Keep working hard, Peter! 🙂

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