What Easter Means to Me?


Posted by peterl1516 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on March 24, 2016

Easter means to me that Jesus was nailed on the cross for all of our sins. The roman soldiers nailed  Jesus on the cross and hurt him.  On Good Friday he rose  from the dead. Jesus died on 3:00 on Friday afternoon. Jesus had to carry a very heavy cross and fell several times carrying the heavy cross.  Joseph took Jesus to a tomb.  The next day on Sunday, Mary came to the temple.  Mary was talking to Jesus.

My Dad and Mom always hide the Easter eggs in our house. Once my brother’s Easter was in the garbage, my sisters was in the closet, and mine was in the bathroom.  My favourite part about Easter is my cousins are coming to my Grandma’s house. We always meet at my Grandma’s house and sing our Easter versus that we sang at the Easter concert. First we eat and play with our Easter treats that we found.  Sometimes we paint Easter eggs.  We get the eggs from our cousins farm. My Mom always pokes a hole with a needle so all the yoke will pour out and we use Maria’s crayons.




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Nice work, Peter! You explained the reason for celebrating Easter, which is Jesus dying for our sins and resurrecting from the dead. You explained the meaning of Easter well and showed empathy for the suffering Jesus experienced. Your parents hide chocolate Easter eggs in very creative places! It is great that you can spend time with your family at Easter. You are lucky you get eggs from your cousin’s farm to paint! Remember to keep adding descriptive detail to your writing to make it more engaging. Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures relate well to Easter. Hope you had a Happy Easter! Keep working hard, Peter! 🙂

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