What Easter Means To Me


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Easter means to me that Jesus has saved us by  sacrificing his life to save us.  Jesus got nailed to a cross so we would not have to die for our sins.  This is why we celebrate Easter on March 27th. My favourite holiday is Easter because it brings many people together as a family.  At Easter it is not important to decorate, but it is important to spend time with your family.  When Jesus was born three shepherds came to see him and many other people came to see him too, but one of the kings in the world didn’t want a new king.  The king sent his guards to kill Jesus, but the guards didn’t listen.  Jesus lived a long and painful life.


On Easter Day we usually eat mashed potatoes and for dessert we eat Easter chocolate bunnies.  We all sing our German Easter songs at our grandparents’ house.  My grandparent’s hand out toys to my cousins.  We go to church.  When it is over we eat supper and we all go home.  Before we go to bed we have a little party.

What Easter Means to Me?


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What Easter Means to Me?

         Easter means to me when Jesus died on the cross.  He died for our heavenly sins.  When he died on the cross Jesus’ mother was crying very hard. Jesus got nailed on the cross and after two days Jesus got placed in a tomb. After five days Jesus’ best friend Mary, came to look in the tomb. She looked in it and it was empty. A young boy came around the corner. Mary asked the young boy if he knew where Jesus was?  Mary thought the young boy looked rather familiar.  Mary asked, “Are you Jesus?” The young boy said, “Yes.” Mary was so excited she burst into tears.   She took Jesus’s hand and took him to Jerusalem.

          On Easter Sunday my Mom and Dad wake up early and fill up the Easter bags and go outside to hide them. Then they wake us up. After my Mom and Dad go inside and change their old clothes into Sunday clothes and go to Church, while we are finding our Easter bags. After my Mom and Dad come home we make lunch and eat. When we have eaten we clean up lunch and go to bed. When our cousins arrive we wake up and play.   After we sing our Easter songs we receive another bag of sweets. 


What Easter Means to Me?


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To me, Easter means when Roman soldiers brought Jesus to Roman. Roman asked, “What shall I do with this man?” “Hang him on the cross, hang him on the cross,” the crowd shouted.  Roman did not find anything guilty in this man, but he did what the crowd said. Jesus died on the cross at three o’clock. Before he died he said, “I am thirsty.” Then a soldier took a sponge and dipped it in some wine, and put it in Jesus’ mouth. After he died, Mary and Joseph took him off the cross and brought him into a grave. They pushed a huge rock in front of the hole of the grave. Three days later Jesus arose.  God sent an angel to push the rock away. When the angel was on the way down the soldiers fell to the ground. Jesus arose and went to Mary.   He heard her crying and asked, “Why are you crying?” “Jesus, my son is dead,” replied Mary.   “No he is not. I am Jesus,” he replied.   She quickly told everyone the good news. Jesus stayed on the ground for another forty days and forty nights. After all of those days Jesus rose to heaven.                                                            

We celebrate Easter by going to church. After church we have a special gathering at our house with all of our cousins. We usually have a turkey dinner.  After dinner we get to have a bag of sweets. Then we play with all of our cousins.    

    anamaded easter egg

What Easter Means to Me?


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 Easter means we celebrate with family and friends on Good Friday or on Easter Sunday. My dad and my uncles go and hide a lot of chocolate eggs. Then we have to find the chocolate eggs. When we are done we have to say our verses and sing our songs that we sang at the German concert at school. When are done singing the songs, we have a huge Easter dinner. We enjoy eating turkey,mashed potatoes, and ice cream. After dinner we go home because it is getting  late. We go to bed early, so we have  a great Easter Monday.

Easter means when the Roman Soldiers beat Jesus and made him carry a heavy cross up a hill. Jesus was tired and he fell three times. The soldiers nailed Jesus on the cross. Jesus died at 3 o’ clock on Friday afternoon. Mary, Jesus’s wife, went to the tomb on Sunday morning. Mary looked into the tomb and it was empty! Jesus was gone! There was a man standing by the tomb and Mary was talking to him. Mary asked the man, “Where have you taken Jesus?” Mary realized it was Jesus. Mary went to tell all the people.  Forty days later Jesus rose to heaven.



What Easter Means to Me?


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 What Easter Means to Me?   

 Easter is special to me because Jesus died on the cross  for our sins. Jesus died at 3 o’ clock on Friday afternoon. I  like Easter because we get to Easter eggs and baskets. On Easter we have about 10 days off from school. Easter always comes on a Sunday in March or April. Long time ago people believe that Jesus  rose from the dead. Sunday we go to church and celebrate Easter.

Easter we are going to fly on a airplane to Mexico. We are going to see our Grandma, grandpa and cousins. We are going to have a party. We will eat  chocolate, dipped strawberries and drinks. We will stay in Mexico about a mouth long. We boil eggs and then we paint denizens on them. We will come back to Canada with a large airplane.              

           The End Image result for easter chocolateImage result for easter signs




Compost Presentation


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common earthwormToday we learned what worms eat and what they like to do. Worms can eat bread, the stuff that is in coffee filters, shredded paper, cardboard, a little bit of spicy foods, carpet tops, and even toilet paper. Worms like to be in the dark, but sometimes you have to give it light. Worms also like to be in a moist environment. Worms have five hearts in one part of their body, which is called the saddle. The way you can find the saddle is by looking at the body. If you see a thicker part of the body, that is where the saddle is. Did you know that a worm only uses it’s lips to eat? Do you know why? It’s because worms don’t have teeth. Do you know how a worm moves? If you look at a worm, you will see tiny little lines, those lines work like a spring. The back part of the body sticks to the ground while the front part of the body stretches it’s body forward and pulls the other part of it’s body forward. Did you know that a worms breath through their skin?!! Did you know that if you would put a peach seed in the worm container and dirt, then a peach tree would probably start growing?wormsyukwormmmmm


Shadow Plays


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Grade 4 students wrote and performed shadow plays.  The plays included concepts from the Science unit, “Light and Shadows,” as well as, co-operating with each other to write their script.  Take a look at the plays below.  


What Easter Means to Me?


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Easter means the day that Jesus awakened. The story goes way back. Jesus went to a town called Jerusalem. All the people heard that Jesus was their new king! All the people worshiped Jesus. Jesus and his twelve disciples had a special supper. Jesus told his disciples that he would die soon. Judas left the room and told the people that didn’t like Jesus where to find him. When the guards came for Jesus, they beat him and made him carry his own cross up a hill. Jesus fell down three times and people helped him. When they reached the top of the hill, they nailed Jesus and two other people onto the crosses. Mary came to the cave where Jesus was put in after he died on the cross. The cave was empty. Mary asked a man what they had done with Jesus? Then Marry realized that that was Jesus, Jesus was alive! Jesus stayed on Earth for 40 days, then he went to heaven.

  At home we celebrate Easter by having an Easter egg hunt. We also don’t watch any movies or play any video games. If we have a gathering in Mexico, we have to say our verses and sing our songs, then we get a GIANT BALLOON!!! Sometimes I like to boil an egg and then pant it. If we have a gathering in Canada, and if it is at our place, we go swimming! We also get two dollars from our dad.  In Mexico we get five or ten pesos. On Easter my mom or my cousin and my brother hide lots of chocolate eggs! Every year we have a gathering. So that is what Easter is about and what I do at home at Easter time!!!


What Am I Haiku?


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What am I Haiku?

By: Paulina                                                         

I shine in the sky.
Among the dark stormy clouds.

After it has rained.

Click the picture to reveal the answer!

2050623w1teeksipf (1)

What Am I Haiku Poem?


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What Am I Haiku?

By: Eva

Green is my symbol. 

I will secretly appear.

I have a shillelagh.

What am I? Click here to see the answer.



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