The Case of the Missing Doll


Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on September 28, 2016

Take a look at the exciting mystery story written using the Book Creator App.

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Great work, Christina! Your mystery fill in the blank story used descriptive adjectives such as, “snowy, long and pretty brown hair, and quickly,” to make your story more interesting. Your story followed a logical sequence of events to solve the case of the missing doll, Lucy. I’m assuming your sister really liked your pretty doll, Lucy and wanted to play with her as well. Fantastic job reading your story. You read your story clearly and with expression. Nice job using the Book Creator App for the first time. Your font colour was easy to read and your pictures related well to your story. Keep up the great work and keep working hard! 🙂

good job on your story. I wish you would have had a harder story. I wonder if that story is true. you did a really good job
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