The Case of the Missing Puppy Spiky


Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on December 7, 2017

Take a look at the mystery story written by Ben created using the Book Creator App. Enjoy listening to the story!

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Great detective work, Ben! I could tell you were happy to find Spiky when you gave him a humungous hug instead of just a regular one. I liked the detail that you came home from Huck Finn’s because I know where that is!

Great work on your story, Ben! Nice job adding detail to your story, as this makes it more interesting to read. I like how added that your dog always plays fetch with your after school and your clues followed a logical order. I am glad you found your dog, Spiky and were able to give him a humongous hug! Your pictures related well to your story and you read your story with accuracy and fluency. Keep working hard, Ben! 🙂

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