Santa’s Stuck


Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on January 10, 2018

Take a look at the story called, “Santa’s Stuck,” written by Rebecca created using the Book Creator App.  Enjoy listening to the story!

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Excellent job, Rebecca! You understand that a story has a beginning, middle, and end. You also understand that a paragraph requires a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing sentence. Keep working on adding more transition words to your writing such as, next, finally, and then are some examples. This will help ensure your paragraph follows a sequential order. I thought your idea of using feathers to tickle Santa’s nose was creative. I enjoy the humour you included in you story such as, Santa exclaiming he would hire better elves and you asking for extra presents. You did a great job including descriptive adjectives into your story such as dirty chimney, snuggled, dark night, and gold belt. Using descriptive adjectives makes your writing more interesting to the reader. Excellent job reading your story fluently and accurately. The expression you use when reading your story keeps the reader engages. I am proud of how your writing has improved since the beginning of the year! Keep up the great work, Rebecca! 🙂

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