What Easter Means to Me?


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Easter means the day that Jesus awakened. The story goes way back. Jesus went to a town called Jerusalem. All the people heard that Jesus was their new king! All the people worshiped Jesus. Jesus and his twelve disciples had a special supper. Jesus told his disciples that he would die soon. Judas left the room and told the people that didn’t like Jesus where to find him. When the guards came for Jesus, they beat him and made him carry his own cross up a hill. Jesus fell down three times and people helped him. When they reached the top of the hill, they nailed Jesus and two other people onto the crosses. Mary came to the cave where Jesus was put in after he died on the cross. The cave was empty. Mary asked a man what they had done with Jesus? Then Marry realized that that was Jesus, Jesus was alive! Jesus stayed on Earth for 40 days, then he went to heaven.

  At home we celebrate Easter by having an Easter egg hunt. We also don’t watch any movies or play any video games. If we have a gathering in Mexico, we have to say our verses and sing our songs, then we get a GIANT BALLOON!!! Sometimes I like to boil an egg and then pant it. If we have a gathering in Canada, and if it is at our place, we go swimming! We also get two dollars from our dad.  In Mexico we get five or ten pesos. On Easter my mom or my cousin and my brother hide lots of chocolate eggs! Every year we have a gathering. So that is what Easter is about and what I do at home at Easter time!!!


Science Rocks!!!


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In science we are learning about simple machines.  Science is my favorite subject because we get to build levers, pulleys, gears, wheel and axles, screws, wedges and inclined planes!! We build the simple machines with K’nex and once we are done building we put them in the hallway and everyone gets to see what we built. We all got to build one wooden model.  Some got to build a plane, a pick up truck, a sailboat, a wagon and a tank, but I chose the wagon. I really enjoy the building we do in Gr.4!!!


k'nex - nancy lwagon - nancy l

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