The Wizard of Oz


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The Wizard of Oz was cool because they created thunder and they made dust with a machine. The thunder was kind of scary because at first I didn’t know what was going on. The witch was a little scary at first, but not then I got used to how scary  the witch was.  It was awesome that Dorothy killed the witch.                                                                

My favourite part was the thunder and the dust. The soldiers were dresed in yellow and the looked like real soldiers. The scaercrow had no brain and the witches’ voice was horrible.  I like how the characters dressed up in boots and hats. My least favourite part was the singing because it was boring just to watch when they sang. Dorothy even cried about the dog because the witch wanted the dog.   The lion was a scaredy cat but usually lions are not scared of anything.  I really enjoyed the play. 


What Easter Means To Me


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To me Easter means that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and in three days he rose from the grave. The next day, Mary came to the grave to see if Jesus was still there, but he was not in the grave anymore. Then an angel came to Mary and said, “Jesus rose from the grave and is now alive.” Mary was really surprised. On Easter morning we receive treats such as chocolate, candy, toys and chocolate bunnies. After we get our treats we go to church. In church we sing songs about Jesus and Easter. After church we go to our cousin’s house or they come to ours.  Often our grandparents come to our house at Easter. After we open our presents from our cousins we go and play and the parents go in the living room to talk about Easter and Jesus. When they are done talking, our cousin’s go home and we have a special dinner with our family like a turkey, chocolate or ice cream for dessert. Easter Sunday is on April 20th.   When I go to bed at Easter, I dream about Jesus when he flies to heaven on a big white cloud.  Seeing Jesus fly up to heaven makes me very, very, happy!

The Wizard of OZ


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The Wizard of  Oz was awesome. Its about a girl named Dorothy who goes to visit a wizard. It was at the Medecine Hat Esplanade.   She had a dog named Toto. A witch tries to kill Dorothy and her dog. 🙁

On the way Dorothy meets three friends. She meet a Lion, a Scraecrow and a Tinman.

Tinman had no heart.

Lion had no courage. 

Scarecrow had no brain.

I enjoyed when Dorothy killed the witch. 🙂

I was scared when the witch came out and there was sounds of lightning.

I loved the singing a great deal.

My favourite actor was the lion because the lion is funny.




The Wizard Of Oz


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the wizard of oz

the-wizard-of-ozOn our field trip we went to the Esplanade to watch The Wizard Of Oz. When we got to the Esplanade we had to wait a few minutes. Then the show started to play. There was a kind witch that lived in the north and there was a wicked witch from the west.

My favourite part was when Dorothy and Toto got home safely.

I enjoyed when the kind witch came to Dorothy’s house and said the wicked witch of the west was dead. I also enjoyed the part were all of the people in the show came in pairs of two and sang a song. I was scared when the smoke came on the stage and I was very scared when the wicked witch made this one scary sound with her voice.

 After the show was over we had to wait for the bus to come back to the Esplanade and pick us up. When we were on the bus we ate our lunch. When we were back at school we got ready to go home. When we were ready to go home the bus students had to go on the bus to go home.  I really enjoyed the play!  🙂

The Wizard Of OZ


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On our field trip we went to watch The Wizard Of Oz. When we were there we waited for a few minutes and the play started.  There was a witch and she looked very creepy and she had pet monkeys.  Dorothy had a puppy.  It was very cute.  First Dorothy saw the Scarecrow and he did not have a brain, so they went off to see The Wizard Of Oz. Then Dorothy saw the Tinman and he did not have a heart so they went of to see The Wizard Of Oz. 

My favourite part was when they saw The Wizard Of Oz. Then they went to a forest and there was a lion and he had no courage. So they went off to see The Wizard Of Oz.  When they were at The Wizard Of Oz, he replied by telling them to go get a broom from the wicked witch.  If they did this then the lion would get his courage, the tinman would get his heart, and the scarecrow would  get a brain.   

Hopefully, The Wizard of Oz would send Dorothy back home.  So they went back to the witches’ house and they melted the witch and got the broom.  When they went back to the Wizard Of Oz the tinman got his heart, the scarecrow got his brain, and the lion got his courage. Dorothy and Toto were reunited with their family. The best part was when Dorothy sang the songs.   She had a beautiful voice.  I really enjoyed the play!  🙂




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A lady named Jenny Ellert came to the Grade 4 class and talked about insects and spiders. I had never seen so many dried insects that she brought in.  Jenny showed us some diferent bugs on the Smartboard.  She told us that some bugs help the plants grow and other bugs destroy the plants.  She even showed us some bugs on thin sticks. 

My favourite part was where we got to see the bugs in the case she brought in.  I have never seen some of those bugs, but some I did see.  She told us what the bugs were called and what they do to the plants.  Jenny works on a farm and sprays the fields if they need it.  If it doesn’t need to be sprayed and she has gone all the way around the field, she can go home.  I really enjoyed the presentation.





Antonym Diamante Poem


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Leaves, colourful

Raking, jumping, playing

Crisp leaves,  jean-jackets, bloom, flower

Warming, growing, gardening

     Warm, sunny


                                                                                  crisp leaves

What Easter Means To Me


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IMG_0857Easter is when Jesus was nailed on the cross for our sins. At noon Joseph put him in the grave. After three days, Mary looked in the grave and Jesus wasn’t there. Mary went and told everyone that Jesus was alive and then they saw Jesus right before he went to heaven. That’s what Easter means to me!!!!

On Easter morning, we go to church and sing Easter songs. When we are done the preacher talks about Jesus and how he died. After church we have a family gathering at my cousins or at my house. Then the mom’s make lunch such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and corn. After the moms clean off the table we have to stay inside and close the blinds so we can’t see where the parents hide our Easter baskets. Sometimes we look outside, but our parents catch us. Then when the parents are done hiding the Easter baskets anywhere in the yard we find them.  By the time we find the baskets, it is suppertime.  The dad’s barely finish grilling the meat on the BBQ because we find the Easter baskets so quickly. We eat altogether outside to celebrate Easter!!               

What Easter Means To Me


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On Easter Sunday we go to church. We sing Easter songs and say prayers. Easter is when Jesus rose from the grave and went to heaven. Jesus died on the cross.  After that, he was in a grave that no one had ever been in. Three days later he rose from the grave, and went to heaven to forgive us from our sins. Before we go to church we have to go our room so that my parent can hide the presents that they bought us for Easter once they are done they come and tell us that we can go find them. Once we have found ours we have to go sit at the table so my parents know that we found our presents.After we attend church, we go to our cousins or they come to our house. Once they came to our house and we had BBQ and it was good!  After that, we played tag when it was almost dark. Once we  were very exhausted we went inside and listened to the parents  talking. Sometimes we answered questions that my aunts and uncles had for us.  Easter is a fun time in my family!!                

Happy Easter!!

cross stitch pattern Cute Easter Bunny

What Easter Means To Me


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What Easter Means To Me

Easter means to me that in the morning we go find all of our presents after we go to church. Then we play in our garage with our toys and that is usually a small ball. Then we go to our cousins and play for about three hours.  We go inside and take turns singing and saying our songs that we learned at Burdett School in German class.   Then my cousins give us money and chocolate. After that we play again until we eat a nice, big, and delicious turkey.  Lastly, we stay at our cousin’s one night and then we go home and think about Jesus Christ.  My Dad takes a bible and reads us a story about Easter and Jesus Christ.





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