Christmas Presents


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This year I got really cool things for Christmas:) I got a baby crib, perfume, doll that talks and has a backpack, play-doh, some mixing stuff, band- it kit, dresses and chocolate!! It’s really fun playing with my Christmas presents!!

Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck

It was a chilly Christmas Eve. I was cozy under my blankets downstairs. I was too excited about Christmas that I was wide awake. I must of have fallen asleep, when I heard a strange noise coming from the rooftop? Then I heard it again thump … thump and bells jingling.  Really could it be? Did I hear Santa Claus?

I quietly tiptoed from my bed and slowly crept down the stairs. I looked over to the brick fireplace which had Christmas red and green stockings hanging and I noticed the milk and Oreo cookies that I had left Santa were still there.   Also, the carrots that my brother had left for the reindeer had not been touched. I crept closer and closer to the brick fireplace. I heard a voice exclaiming, “Help! Help please!”  I looked into the fireplace.   It was Santa Claus.

Santa said to me, “Can you please get me out?”   Just a minute Santa.  I will get the butter and the elves to get you out. Your suit will get a bit slippery. Santa came tumbling out of the chimney.  Santa exclaimed, “Thank you.”  He gave me a teddy bear as a present. 

Ho! HO! Ho!   Merry Christmas!!


Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney


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It was Christmas Eve night and Nancy went to bed. In the middle of the night Nancy heard thump, thump, thump. Nancy thought to herself it’s just a dream.   I’ll go back to bed.   Nancy heard it again thump, thump, and thump. Could it be Santa?

Nancy climbed out of bed and looked up her chimney. It’s Santa! It’s Santa! She saw a soft fur coat that was red and white.

 “Shh,” exclaimed Santa! “Be quite or you will wake up your family. “Okay,” responded Nancy. “Help me please, please,” said Santa. “I’m stuck because I’m well uh, uh, I’m too chubby.  Hurry please the sun is rising and I still have presents to deliver.”

Nancy ran to get a piece of rope from the garage. Nancy quickly ran back to the chimney and tied the rope around Santa’s black shiny boots. Nancy called out to the roof, “On Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph.   All the reindeer ran as fast as they could. They tried and they tried but it didn’t work!   So the reindeer tried again. Plop! Santa landed back on the roof. He exclaimed, “Thank you Nancy!  Umm, umm Nancy please don’t tell anyone about this because it is embarrassing. Go back to bed like a good girl” “Of course,” exclaimed Nancy! “Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas!  I left you a very special gift,” Santa called out. 

I hope you left me a real horse. Maybe Santa called out.       

The End

 Santa in Chimney

Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck

It was a frosty Christmas Eve. Johnny put chocolate chip cookies and 2% milk on the table for Santa. Johnny was so excited for Christmas he couldn’t sleep when Johnny was almost asleep he heard a, “thump”, “thump”, “thump.”  Johnny thought it was only his dad chasing the dog. Johnny crept down the creaky stairs and looked under the Christmas tree.  Not a present was placed under the tree. Johnny guessed Santa had not come to their house yet. 

 Johnny went closer to the chimney and looked up the chimney.  All Johnny saw was the snow falling from the pitch black sky. Johnny went back to his soft bed but he heard the sound again, “thump”, “thump”, “thump.” He went back downstairs again.

Johnny looked into the chimney again. He saw something fluffy and white, and pulled on it. Santa yelled, “Ooowww,” that hurts!  Don’t pull my beard!”  Johnny jumped back and asked, “Is that really you Santa?” Santa answered, “Yes but please don’t pull my beard again and help get me out of the chimney.”  Johnny went to get a rope out of the garage.  Johnny yelled to the elves, “Tie it around Santa’s lags and pull the rope.” Johnny threw the rope onto the rough and went back inside.  Suddenly, “PLOP,” Santa fell down the brick chimney. Santa said, “Please go back to bed.” Johnny did as he was told.  Santa ate the chocolate chip cookies and drank the 2% milk.





Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa Stuck

It was a frosty cold evening on Christmas Eve.  I was cozy under my blanket and almost fell asleep, when I heard a voice.   That’s what I was waiting for.  I thought for sure it was Santa!   I screamed and woke up my sister, but I told her to go back to bed.   I slowly crept down the creaky stairs. I could still smell the delicious gingerbread men cookies I made that night.  The gingerbread cookies were still on the table with the chocolate milk I left for Santa. 

I poked my head into the chimney.  I could smell the ash from in the chimney. I saw something very strange poking out of the chimney. I placed my hand into the chimney and I pulled on something smooth and white. I heard someone moan. It must be Santa I thought to myself. “Santa is that you? So sorry for pulling on your beard,” I exclaimed. “Yes it is Santa. It is fine you pulled on my beard, but please get me out of the chimney. I am stuck,” moaned Santa.

I asked if he had any suggestions on how I could get him out of the chimney.  Well Santa responded, “You could use some cooking oil.” “Good idea.  Then you could slide out of the chimney,” I replied.   I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the oil from the counter.   I quickly ran back to the chimney to help Santa Claus, so he could finish delivering presents. So I tried to pull and pull but I still could not pull him out. I poured some more oil into the chimney.   I pulled and pulled some more.  It finally worked.   Santa came tumbling out of the chimney.   “Are you okay,” I asked slowly.  Santa moaned and got up and responded, “Yes I am alright.  You go back to sleep and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I woke up the next day and was excited to open my present that Santa gave me.  It was a camera!

Santa in Chimney

Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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 Santa Stuck

One Christmas Eve Jake was sleeping.  It was chilly in the house, so Jake woke up to turn the heat up.  Jake went downstairs and noticed Santa had not eaten the cookies or drank the milk left them on the table.   After he turned he heat up, Jake went back to bed.   On his way upstairs, Jake SUDDENLY heard a THUMP.   

 Jake slowly crept back downstairs and he was sure heard the hooves of reindeer on the roof. Could Santa really be on the roof?

Jake walked slowly to the chimney and saw something white fluffy sticking out. Jake went closer and pulled on the white fluffy thing. “OUCH,” yelled Santa! Jake slowly backed away.  “I’m so sorry,” replied Jake. “It’s alright.  Now get me out of the chimney please,” hollered Santa.  I will try to get you out of the chimney with a rope.

Jake went to the garage and found a rope.  Jack went back into the house and tied the rope around Santa’s arm. “One, two, three, and go,” said Jake and pulled on the rope as hard as he could, but Santa did not budge. Jake had another idea.

Jake hurried to the fridge and found some butter.  Jake went back to Santa and put the butter all around Santa.    

Then out came Santa with a  plop on the floor. “Ouch!  Now my head hurts, but I will be alright.  Go to bed and I will deliver your presents,” said Santa.   Jake couldn’t wait until morning.  As Jake went to bed he heard a faint, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”Then out came Santa with a  plop on the floor. “Ouch!  Now my head hurts, but I will be alright.  Go to bed and I will deliver your presents,” said Santa.   Jake couldn’t wait until morning.  As Jake went to bed he a faint, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Santa Stuck

Santa Stuck In the Chimney


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One Christmas Eve Santa’s elves were getting ready to help  Santa load his toys on his humongous sleigh with tractors, dolls and many more toys.   Finally  Santa left with the reindeers and Santa was singing, “HO!HO! HO!” 

SUDDENLY  the alarm clock went ding, dong,  ding, dong I woke up and I heard thump, thump.   I crept downstairs and our stairs were squawking.  I heard help, help and I ran into the living room zoom. I stuck my hand into the cool breezy chimney. And I grabbed on Santa’s beard and pulled.    “Oww!  Don’t pull my beard,”  exclaimed Santa.

Finally I got an idea.   I ran to our shed as fast as I could.   I got a 15cm black and yellow spotted rope. I locked the shed door. I ran back to our house.  I tied the rope on his foot and pulled him out. Plop Santa landed on the floor.   “Thank you for helping me,” Santa said.  I left you a nice present.  The next morning I opened the present Santa left for me, a remote control car!


Santa and Reindeer


Santa is Stuck!


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Santa flying in the sky

It was a chilly and snowy night when Ella couldn’t go to sleep.  So Ella walked to the window and opened the curtains and looked outside to watch the snow falling from the sky. When Ella had looked at the snow for a while she went to bed because she was getting sleepy. Ella finally drifted off to sleep. 

SWOOSH! SWOOSH! Suddenly Ella woke up! What could it be that was open? Was it the door or was it the chimney? Ferociously Ella heard a THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!   Ella heard it again. What could it be? Ella wondered if it was Santa’s  footsteps or was it Santa’s sleigh and reindeer landing on the roof.   Ella went down the stairs and looked all around the house. 

Ella heard someone call, “HELP! HELP!   Get me out of here!” “Santa is that you,” Ella asked? “Yes it is me, but I am stuck in the chimney. “  Ella responded, “I will run to my room to try to find something to get you out of the chimney.”

Ella came into the living room with a piece of rope and tied it onto one of Santa’s arm, but he did not move. Ella went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge but the butter was empty. So Ella went into the garage and looked all around but she could not find anything that would help her get Santa out of the chimney.

Ella went into the barn and looked all around but could not find anything that would help her get Santa out of the chimney. Soon Ella went back inside the house and went to the fridge and got some Jell-O.   Ella went to the chimney and smeared it all over Santa. Plop out came Santa. Santa exclaimed, “Now go to bed like a good girl.” “Okay,” replied Ella.

                               HO! HO! HO!

Merry Christmas

 Santa is Stuck


Santa is Stuck!


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On a snowy night Anna baked some cookies for Santa. She was very sleepy so then she went to bed and waited for Santa to come. Suddenly, there was a noise on the roof top. Anna thought that her mom and dad we’re going to wake up but they did not. She went downstairs and it smelled like cookies. Anna thought that her cookies were not tasty but they were tasty because on her way up she ate one.  She  waited and waited and waited for Santa.  She waited a long time, and then she fell fast asleep on the couch.

SUDDENLLY!! She heard a sound THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! She went to the chimney. She stuck her hand in the chimney. Anna felt something very soft.   She thought, could it be Santa?   Anna looked up and she saw a red fluffy suit.  It was Santa!  She pulled Santa’s beard.   “Hey! OWWWW!  DON’T DO THAT,” said Santa!   “Are you Santa and are you stuck,” asked Anna? “Yes I am.  Now please get me out so I can finish delivering presents,” replied Santa. Anna quickly went to the kitchen to get some Jell-O to help get Santa out of the chimney.

“Thank you,” said Santa as he plopped out. “Now can I tell you something,” said Anna?  “Yes you can,” replied Santa. “Did you bring your elves? Did you bring me some presents,” asked Anna? “SHHHHHHHHH not so loud you are going to wake your sisters up! I have to go deliver presents now.  You have to go to bed like a good girl.  Merry Christmas,” exclaimed Santa.

HO!  HO!  HO!  Merry Christmas! 

Santa Stuck


Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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The night before Christmas, Nick was in bed but he could not sleep.  He was too excited. Finally Nick fell asleep. Then Nick woke up and dashed downstairs because Nick heard a noise.  He was  sneaking to the chimney.   Nick looked in the chimney and some ash fell in his eyes.

SUDDENLY Nick heard thump, thump and a lose brick on the roof.   Just as Nick was about to go lie down, Nick heard something plop in the chimney. He heard someone yelling, “Help! Help! Help!” Nick quietly crept to the chimney again and peaked inside.   Santa is actually there Nick thought to himself.  Nick pulled his beard.   “Oww!! Don’t get me out that way,” Santa exclaimed.  

Nick got some soap and put it all over Santa.   He slipped a little bit down the chimney but that was not enough. Then he got a rope and tied it around his hands pulled as hard as he could.  PLOP Santa was out of the chimney.  Santa whispered to Nick thank you for getting me out.   I’m very pleased. “Now go to bed like a good boy,” Santa said.   Nick asked if Santa if he brought him a present.  It’s under the tree of course.   HO! HO! HO!  In the morning, Nick opened a remote control airplane.

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