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On Monday, May 12th,  2014, a lady named Sarah came and talked all about plants and their parts. The inside of the flower is called a pistel and around the pistel are the stamen. There are petals around the stamen. We also made paper. The paper was made with newspaper that we put in water and after put it in a blender and blended it. When it was blended we put seeds on it and let it dry. When it was dry, we Cwere able to take a piece home and plant it.  We also did a crossword puzzle after we did two centers. The first center was making paper. The second center was all about plants and after, we smelled different kinds of foods from plants and guessed what they were. We also looked at a leaf underneath a microscope.  It  was awesome!recyld paper

Science Rocks!!!


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In science we are learning about simple machines.  Science is my favorite subject because we get to build levers, pulleys, gears, wheel and axles, screws, wedges and inclined planes!! We build the simple machines with K’nex and once we are done building we put them in the hallway and everyone gets to see what we built. We all got to build one wooden model.  Some got to build a plane, a pick up truck, a sailboat, a wagon and a tank, but I chose the wagon. I really enjoy the building we do in Gr.4!!!


k'nex - nancy lwagon - nancy l

Simple Machines


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In Science we are learning about simple machines. Right now we are working on the lever. We started building different kinds of things with K’nex that have a lever. My group is doing a seesaw and a balance. Some groups are still doing a wheel and axle. We did wheel and axles before we did levers.  I enjoy building.

                           Balance                                                                 Seesawseesaw





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I enjoyed the agriculture presentation and learning about insects. The presenters name was Jenny Ellert. I learned that some insects can harm farmer’s fields. She taught us why we should spray the fields and why sometimes we should not spray fields. I learned that all bugs are not harmful.  In fact, some are helpful.  The agriculture presenter gave us a candy bag and a colouring book.   I thought that was very kind of her.    




Wizard Of Oz


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Our class went on a field trip March 28th and

we watched a play called the Wizard Of Oz.

   My favourite part was when the lion

said how brave he was, but when he

touched his own tail he started to cry and

thought someone else touched his tail.  My

least favourite part was when the witch

 came out of her cave with a big BBBOOOOMMM.


The Wizard of Oz Play


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On March 28th, 2014  our class went to the Esplanade to see The Wizard of Oz play.  One of my favourite parts was the thunder because, the wicked witch was there. It was cool when they turned the lights out  because they moved things on the stage. They moved the things on the stage because they were somewhere else.  There was even a Wicked Witch from the East and a Wicked Witch from the West.  The Wicked Witch from the East got killed before the Wicked Witch from the West. The White Witch gave Dorothy red sparkly shoes, because they had some sort of magic in them so that the wicked witch couldn’t cast spells on Dorothy.



Onomatopoeia Poem


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TICK, TICK went the clock.

SQUIRT, SQUIRT went the soap when I washed my hands.

SQUEAK, SQUEAK went the door as I walked out the door.

VROOM, VROOM went the bus.

SWISH, SWISH went the door as the children went into the school.

RING, RING went the bell to start first period.

SHH, SHH went the teacher when they were in the library.

STOMP, STOMP went the feet as the children ran in the gym.

CLICK, CLICK went the keys on the computers.

 RING, RING went the bell for lunch.

CLING, CLANG  went the forks and spoons.

SLURP, SLURP went the children as they drank their juice.

RING, RING went the bell to tell the children it was the end of lunch.

SSS, SSS went the scissors as they cut.

PSST, PSST went the children as they whispered quietly.

SQUEAK, SQUEAK went the pencils as the children wrote the answers to math questions.

RING, RING went the bell for recess.

RUSTLE, RUSTLE went the children’s bags of chips and cookies.

CLIP, CLIP went the stapler as it stapled the papers.

SHIP, SHIP went the tape cutter as it cut the tape.

SHH, SHH went the teacher as she told the children to be quiet.

RING, RING went the bell to tell the children it was the end of the day. 



















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TIK, TIK went Nancy’s alarm clock as she got up.                                           

RUSTLE,  RUSTLE went Nancy as she got ready for school.                                

STOMP, STOMP went Nancy as she stomped through the snow.                  

VROOM ,VROOM, VROOM went the cars beside Nancy.                                            

BEEP , BEEP, BEEP went the buses.                                                                          

PSST , PSST , PSST went the kids on the bus.                                                    

SCREETCH went the buses as they stopped at school.                                    

BAM , BAM went the lockers as the kids closed them.                          

DING, DING went the bell as the kids hustled in their classrooms.                      

SSSS, SSSS  went the pencils as the kids were doing a test.                      

SHH, SHH went the teacher as they lined up for gym.                            

SQUEAK, SQUEAK went the kids shoes as they played soccer.                    

DING, DONG went the bell for recess.

YAHOO went the kids during recess.

DRRING went the bell to go inside for lunchtime.

MUNCH , MUNCH went the kids as they ate their sandwich.

NIBBLE , NIBBLE went the teacher as she was nibbling on her salad.

SHHH went the teacher on the way to music class.

LA, LA, LA went the kids as they sang a song.

BUZZZ went the bell for home time.

STOMP went the kids as they got on the bus.

ZOOM , ZOOM went the buses as they drove off.

CRUNCH went leaves as the kids walked home from the bus stop.      

Wizard of Oz


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The grade four to eight students went on a field trip to Medicine Hat to the Esplanade to watch a play called The Wizard Of Oz.  There is a girl named Dorthy and she always carries a really cute little dog named Toto around.  It is  a brown and black mixed dog. It has a little red bow tied on  it’s head. There is a kind witch of the North and she is dressed in a white dress.  That’s why they call her a white witch of the North.   There is a wicked Witch of the East but she died ,and there is her sister left, the wicked Witch of the West. She has a green face but I think it’s some sort of cream, or maybe it’s a mask.  She is worse than her sister the wicked Witch of the East! There was also a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion that was afraid of sheep.  My friend that I was sitting next too knew exactly when the witch was coming, but it scared me so much that I thought there was a thunderstorm outside, but there was not.  The floor even viberated when there was the thunder noise. My favourite part was when the white witch meet Dorothy because she had such a smooth and soft voice and she was really beautiful.  She also had such beautiful blond hair.  My least favourite part was when the wicked witch melted because she made strange noises.  I enjoyed most of the songs.  I didn’t enjoy the song they sang about going to see Oz or the song about following the yellow brick road. 

The Wizard of Oz


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imagesOur class went to see The Wizard of Oz at the Esplanade for a field trip. First we waited a few minutes and the we went to watch the play put on by Eagle Butte High School. It was about a girl named Dorothy that looses her dog, Toto, to a mean lady named Miss Gulch. Then there’s a twister that takes her to the land of Oz. She meets the munchkins and a good witch that gives her magic red slippers that make it so that the wicked witch of the west can’t cast any spells on her. Right after that there was lightning, thunder, strobe lights, and smoke ( which was really water vapor ) :). Then Dorothy was told to follow the yellow brick road. On her way she meets a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tinman, and a cowardly lion. When Dorothy meets the Wizard of Oz she is told to retrieve the witch’s broomstick. When Dorothy is caught by the witch, her friends get her back by dressing up as the witch’s servants Winkies. Dorothy spills acid on the witch and she brings the witch’s broom back to the wizard and the wizard floats away in an air balloon without her because she forgot Toto. Then she was told to click her heels together three times and say there’s no place like home.  She woke up in her bed and it ended.  My  favourite part was when the Winkies sang yooo-ho-yo-hee-ho. There was no part I didn’t like. 

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