Farm Safety Day!!!!!


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pumpkins happyOn Wednesday, June 4th 2014 we went to farm safety at tr4d010522_8285r_642x462he Burdett Hall. Farm safety was really cool. There were  eight different sessions.

Our first session was First Aid. We learned  what to do when someone cut his or her hand very badly. The first thing we have to do is to tell them to hold their hand up for 60 seconds because the blood runs down our arm and slows down the bleeding.

Our second session was the combine. We learned not to go behind it or in the front when it is stared.  If you want to talk to the driver you have to wave to the driver from the side so you can get their attention. We also learned that not to go under it even if it is not running because your finger could get caught in the pullies and then it would be cut off.

After we went to the roll over simulator. There was a dumb dummy and a smart dummy. The dumb dummy did not wear his seatblet  and the smart dummy did wear his seatbelt. Then the truck rolled over and the dumb dummy flew out of the window head first and I am sure if he would of been a real person he would have died.

After they gave us the snacks. We had ice cream and cookies and juice.

After we had our snacks we went to the lawn mowers. We learned that we have to pick up everything before mowing the lawn. If you don’t it will fly out and hit someone that is close by. That is why it is not good to stand by a lawn mower that is running.

Our next session was the lego table. There were a lot of unsafe things that the little lego people did. One lady had a baby on the back of a moterciycle and the other one was climbing on a fence with a big bull, cow , and a calf in it. She was trying to look at the baby calf. One boy was driving a combine with a baseket ball in his hand. We all had to find an unsafe thing in the picture. I found the boy on the fence.

The germ session was our next one. First the man fake germs on our hands and then he shined our hands with a glowing light. We all had some fake germs on our hands. We had to wash our hands and we had to scrub our hands for 20 sec. then wash the soup off and sing the ABC while you do it. When we were done he shined on our hands and most of us had very clean hands. After we got posters about how long to wash your hands and the other one was just to remind you to wash your hands. And that was all at the germ safety session.

Chemical safety was our next session. We got to play a game. It was a guessing game. We had to geuss which one was a candy and which one was a cemical. They looked excaly the same. We all most always got it right. After we had to geuss what the sigh was.

Our last session was the tractor. The tractor was very intesting because we got to climb inside the tractor and look at every thing. When we were inside one of the people in our class would stand in front and one of the people that were telling us about the tractor would ask us if we could see the person that was in front and we all said NO! And that is all from the farm safety day!!

Farm Safety Day!!!!!!


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germsFarm Safety Day was Wedsnesday June 4, 2014. There were 8 sessions. The first 0ne we went to  was first aid. They taught us that if you put your hand up for 1 minute, the hand you put in the air will be lighter we tried it and it was true. We also learned a lot more about first aid.

The next session we went to was to look at a combine. reWe got to go in the combine and look at all the levers. It was a huge combine. When I was in the combine and looked in the mirror to see if I saw what was behind me but I could not see anthing. They taught us not to go behind a huge combine because the driver will not be able to see you.tweety-first_aid

The next session we went to was a roll over Simulator. Did you know one click could save your life? If you didn’t, it can. If you click on your seatbelt, your life could be saved. We saw how if the vehicle you were in rolled over and you didn’t have a seatbelt you could die. It was my favourite  session.

After that we had a snack. We had ice cream, juice, and cookies.

The next session was about germs. We put fake germs on our hands and put them under a uv light and we saw the germs. We went to wash our hands and then looked under the uv light to see if we washed our hands clean.

The next session we did was cemicals. We learned that if we see something that we think is food that we can eat or a drink that we think we can drink we should not drink it if we are not sure if it is eatadle or drinkable. We played a game and guessed which one was a chemical and which one was a drink.

The one we did after was going to see a tractor. We got to go in the tractor and we had to try to see if we saw a person that was in front of the tractor. I could not see the person in front of the tractor. We also got to see an auger.  We put a sock in the auger and turn a thing that turns the screw where we put the sock into.

After that we went to see lawn mowers.  We learned that we should move everything off of the grassSeriesDetails before we mow the lawn. After we went to a session that had a lot of lego people and we learned about all the things that are dangerous and what we are not suppose to cream

Simple Machine Video


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Take a look at our simple machines video!  Hope you enjoy it!



Farm Safety Day!!!!


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                                              Farm safety day was very fun and cool.

Farm Safety Day was on June, 4 2014. Our first session was first aid. First aid – was about taking care of someone or yourself when you get hurt. If you have a little cut you should just take care of yourself alone but if it is a big cut you should call for help. If you have a cut on your hand and it’s a big one and it is not stop bleeding you should put your hand up for one minute but if it is your leg you should put your leg on a chair for one minute then the bleeding will slow down.

Combine- We learned that you should always stand where the driver can see you. Did you know that a combine has a lot of pulleys and if you put finger in the pulley then your  finger would be cut off. We even got to sit in the combine and look at all the levers that were in the combine.

Roll Over Simulator- Did you know that one click can save your life?  Now the simulator was the best because we could see what would happen in real life if you ever rolled over. The guy had a dumb dummy and a smart dummy.  The dumb dummy was callled dumb because he did not put on his seatbelt and the smart dummy did.

Germs- was about protecting your hands and body by washing them or taking a bath. You have to wash them after using the bathroom, after playing in dirt, when you are sick, and before touching anything or anyone. Step 1 is make your hands wet- Step 2 is put some soup on your hands-Step 3 rub the soap around your hands-Step 4 rinse your hands.

Chemical Safety- In chemical safety we learned that some chemicals look alike to some drinks that you might know. When we are working with chemicals we have to cover our whole body. 

Tractor- We learned to always be beside the tractor not in front or at the back we always need to be besdide it or in the tractor. 

Lawn Mower- We always have to make sure we are wearing proper stuff incase a stone hits you or a stick or anything else. Make sure you mow the lawn after the grass is dry. Make sure you put in some gas after the lawn mower’s engine is cooled off. Bike Safety- Always remember to wear a helmet!!!! Make sure your brakes work and your chain is on tight.

                                                       I hope you learned alot!!!!! 

farm safety N.L. safety N.L. TRACTOR N.L.

Onomatopeia Poem


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BEEP, BEEP goes Eva’s alarm clock.

GROAN, GROAN goes Eva as she gets out of bed.

RUSTLE, RUSTLE goes Eva’s clothes as she puts them on.

CRUNCH, CRUNCH goes the food that Eva eats.

WHOOSH,WHOOSH goes the water as Eva washes her hair.

Now Eva is ready to go to school.

CLING, CLING go the car keys as Eva starts the car.

VROOM,VROOM goes the car on the highway to school.

RING, RING goes the bell to go inside and work.

SCRATCH, SCRATCH goes the pencils as they wrote their stories.

RING, RING went the bell.

“YAHOOO,” yelled the students as they got ready for recess.

SHHH, SHHH said the teacher as the kids came in yelling from recess.

SHHH, SHHH went the principal as the kids were taking their tests.

STOMP, STOMP went the kids as they ran around the gym.

BUZZ, BUZZ went the bell to go home.

STOMP, STOMP went the kids as they walked out of the school.


Pink Dolphins!!!! – By: N.L. and G.K.


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baby dolphinsDolphins come in all shades of pink from dull gray pink, to a rosy coloured pink, to a bright flamingo coloured pink . The darker the water is the darker the pink dolphins will be.  Baby dolphoins are sucked forward by the motion of their swimmimg mothers — giving them needed assistance when they position themselves to the right and behind their mothers. When  the sun rises the dolphin looses its pink colour. Dolphins can swim 18 miles per an hour. Dolphins turn a very bright pink when they are very excited!! Amazon River dolphins can turn their necks sideways and other species of dolphins.  All species of dolphins are mammals and are warm blooded. Dolphins have a single nostril that is called ma blow hole which is used to breath air in and out. Dolphins dive up to breath and then dive back in. Dolphins are known for being fast swimmers. They use their powerful tale to swim and move through big waves. Their fins are mostly used to stear. Dolphins move their tale up and down while fish move their tale up and down. Many dolphins hunt and travel at night. Dolphins make clicking sounds while swimming. Dolphins only get one set of teeth for their entire life. When dolphins look at an object under water they produce an oily substance that covers their eyes to protect them. Dolphins don’t have hair.    Only when they are first born they have hair and within two weeks the dolphin looses the hair. They don’t drink water like we do because most of the water they are swimming in is saltwater. Yuck!! So they get their water from the fish they eat. Dolphins are not any type of fish because they eat mammals like you and I. Pink dolphins live in the Amazon River!!!

            We hope you learned a lot about pink dolphins !!!!!




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