Away in a Manger on the Recorder


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So proud of the students!  They worked really hard to learn how to play, “Away in a Manger,” on the Recorder,” for the Christmas Concert.  They were also a huge hit at the Pleasant View Lodge and Hospital when we went carolling.  Their effort and determination shows hard work pays off!  

Take a look at the video below!

Link of recorder music provided by Denise Gagne from Holiday Recorder Music.

Away in a Manger


Santa is Stuck!


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Santa’s is Stuck in The Chimney

By: Tina

One Christmas Eve I was snug in my bed.  I was thinking of the cookies and milk I left for Santa. All of a sudden there was a THUMP.  I looked around. What was that? I laid down and tried to fall back asleep. Just before I fell asleep I heard another THUMP. I woke up. I looked out the window. I didn’t see anything.

I tiptoed down the stairs. I looked at the fireplace. The cookies and milk were still there. I looked around. I heard the THUMP again.  I looked into the chimney. “Help I am in the chimney,” exclaimed a voice.  I was scared for a minute, but then I knew it had to be Santa! “Help! I am stuck!  Hurry!” exclaimed Santa.

I decided I would get a rope. I ran outside to the garage. I looked around and I saw a long rope! I quickly ran inside. I ran to the chimney. I tied the rope onto Santa’s feet. I pulled the rope! Santa didn’t move an inch. Luckily, I had something in mind.

I went to the garage. I found a magnet! I ran back to the house. I went to the chimney. I put the magnet on Santa’s belt. I pulled as hard as I could! Santa didn’t fall out. I sat on the floor. I was becoming sleepy!  

wallpaper-christmas-new-year-christmas-tree-fireplace-gift-christmas-wallpaper-fireplace “You can’t stop.  You won’t get presents if I don’t get out,” exclaimed Santa.  “Fine I won’t give up,” I said.

 I went to get a ladder from the garage.  I put the ladder by the house. I climbed up the ladder. I saw Santa’s reindeer! I looked down the chimney. I still saw Santa in the chimney. I reached down the chimney and grabbed Santa’s hand. The reindeer pulled on my clothing.  We pulled and pulled and finally Santa came out! “Santa you finally came out of the chimney,” I exclaimed. Santa replied, “I need to go.  It is almost morning.”

Santa went down the ladder. I followed Santa inside. Santa thanked me for getting him out of the chimney.  Santa told me to go back to bed.  As I walked up the stairs I heard Santa say, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


Santa is Stuck!


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Santa Stuck In the Chimney

By: Benny

One chilly evening Christmas Eve there was a really big blizzard.   Our dogs were in their dog houses and the windows were squeaking because of the blizzard.   I was really cold so I leaned as then I wondered “Santa“ I quietly tiptoed downstairs and I saw the hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies I left for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer and milk for the elves were untouched.

I looked up into the chimney and I saw something fluffy and it was Santa’s white beard.   I pulled and he yelled and I looked again and it was Santa stuck in the chimney.   I quickly went to the garage trying not to wake up my parents, my brother, and sisters.

 I found a rope and tied his hands together and pulled and pulled.   Santa was too fat! I went and got a ladder.  I climbed up the roof and tied Santa’s feet together and tied the rope onto Santa’s sleigh.  The elves were controlling the sleigh and I was on telling them where to go   I heard Santa yelling, “Ouch.”  I went back inside tied his hands together and pulled and pulled, but still he was too fat. I tied the rope on Santa’s huge shiny belt and I pulled and pulled, but still he was too fat. I tied the rope on his cozy red shiny suit and I pulled and pulled.  The rope started to rip and uhh .  . . I fell.  

I went to the cupboard and got some cooking oil.  I heated the oil on the stove hot and I went to the chimney.  I made his suit slimy and his belt.  I pulled and pulled on his shiny belt but I slipped and I fell.  I went up the roof and made his boots slimy.   The elves helped me pull and he got a little looser.  We pulled and pulled and I almost slipped off of the roof.

I climbed off of the roof and went back inside.  I made his face slimy with oil. I pulled on his head and pulled as hard as I could.   It still did not work.  I put more oil on his shiny red suit and I pulled on it as hard as I could.  That idea did not work.

I quietly went to the garage again and got a metal chain.  I went back inside and tied it on his shiny belt and pulled and pulled.  That did not work , so I tied it on his laces on his red suit.   I and Santa yelled,  “Ouch,” that hurts.  

I untied the metal chain and I went back outside and climbed up on the roof again.  I tied the metal chain on his boots.  I pulled as hard as I could.   Well that did not work, so I went back inside. Then I tied it on his belt again and I pulled and pulled uhhhhhh and he fell to the ground. I asked are you, “Okay” and Santa replied, “Yes.”

 I told him to go eat some cookies and drink some milk.  Santa told me to back to bed.  He tucked me and told me he would put presents under the tree.   He wished me a great Christmas with my family and friends.   I fell asleep.  When he left he used the front door and he yelled, “HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa is Stuck!

By: Abe

One chilly Christmas Eve I woke up and went downstairs to get a snack.  When I ate my snack  I went back upstairs.  When I was in the middle of the stairs I heard a THUMP, but I just ignored the THUMP. Then I heard it again.   I thought I heard it come from the chimney.   I looked in the chimney.  It was Santa!   I saw him with my own eyes. Santa asked, “Can you  please help me get out of the chimney?”   I just stared at Santa.  He asked again.   I replied, “Sure!   Sure!”

I went to the garage to get a rope.  I went to our backyard and I found Santa’s sleigh. Before I climbed up to the roof, I realized I forgot the ladder I went back to the garage to get a ladder. As soon as I found a ladder I ran back to the backyard and climbed up on the roof.  I tied the rope on Santa’s sleigh and to Santa’s shiny boots.  When I jumped into Santa’s sleigh I didn’t know how to fly the sleigh.

I tried another idea.  I ran inside to get melted butter.  When I looked in the fridge I did find the butter but it wasn’t melted.  I grabbed the butter and melted it in the microwave.  As soon as the butter melted I poured the butter in the chimney.  It didn’t work.

I used a magnet to stick onto Santa’s belt, but it didn’t work either!  I was running out of ideas!  I tried cooking oil, but we only had a little oil. I grabbed the oil and poured all the oil in the chimney.   Santa moved an inch and I quickly grabbed the hose and sprayed lots and lots of water in the chimney.

Santa slipped out of the chimney and landed on the rug.  Hooray Santa is out of the chimney!   Santa thanked me a great deal. He told me to go back to bed.  I walked back to bed and I could hear, “HO!  HO!  HO! Merry Christmas,” as I fell asleep.


Santa is Stuck


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One chilly evening on December 25th. I was snuggled in my warm bunk bed. When I heard a noise go, “THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.” I just ignored it and tried to fall asleep. “THUMP!” I heard it again!  I quickly ran upstairs. “Creek, creek, creek.” When I glanced at the chocolate chip cookies and white milk I left for Santa on the kitchen table. They were not touched. “BOOM!” I heard something close to my chimney. When I glanced in the chimney I could not believe my eyes. It was Santa stuck in the chimney!!!                                                                                                 

When I saw Santa stuck in the chimney I ran to go get a long rope. When I came back I tied the rope onto Santa and pulled with all my might, but he was too heavy.

I went to the bathroom to get a bucket of water and some soap. After I finished filling the bucket with soap and water, I got a ladder from the garage. When I returned I climbed on the roof. I poured the water into the chimney and Santa slipped a little bit out of the chimney. My idea did not work.    I needed another plan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I went to get a humongous magnet from the garage to put on Santa’s belt. When I came back I put the magnet close to Santa’s belt. I pulled with all my might and Santa became a bit looser.  It still did not work.        

After that I suggested to Santa’s elves and reindeer to pull Santa out. Once I was done tying the rope onto Santa’s sleigh, the elves and reindeer were ready to pull Santa out of the chimney. The elves were controlling Santa’s sleigh and the reindeer were flying it. Finally, we got Santa out!!! Santa thanked me and told me to go to bed. I exclaimed, “Merry Christmas,” and went back to my cozy bunk bed and I slowly fell asleep.                                                                                                                                  

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Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney


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One night on Christmas Eve I was fast asleep.   I woke up with a start when I heard a THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.   I went downstairs to see if the cookies were still on the table and they were. 

I looked in the chimney and Santa was stuck.   I saw two large red boots.   I ran upstairs to get some butter.   I got the butter, but we didn’t have enough of it so I looked in the garage to see if we had oil and we did.  It didn’t work.I went to the roof to tie Santa to the sleigh and then make the Reindeer fly and pull the sled.    We got him out because we used the sled to get him out.  He was really hungry so I gave him seven cookies and he was full.   He flew away saying, “Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Santa Stuck in the Chimney


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Santa Stuck in the Chimney

                             By: David

One chilly Christmas Eve, I could not sleep because I could not wait for Santa to come and deliver presents.  I heard a “thump,” “thump,” “thump” on the roof.  I went downstairs and I heard a “thump” and I kept hearing the “thump” again.  I ran upstairs and back to my bed again because I was scared.

I went to the garage to get a rope to get Santa out of the chimney and I threw the rope on Santa’s boots and he screamed, “Ouch,” it hurts.  That didn’t work. 

I went into the house to get melted butter to get Santa out of the chimney. I poured the melted butter into the chimney to get Santa out of the chimney, but that still didn’t work.

I went to get a crane to get Santa out of the chimney and I thought to myself I hope this works.  I went to the chimney and used the crane to pull Santa out.  I heard a “plop” and Santa thanked me for getting him out.  I finally could go to sleep.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Santa Stuck     6322509

Santa Stuck In My Chimney


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      Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney

By Peter 

One chilly Christmas Eve I went to bed.  I was so excited for Christmas. I heard a noise. I thought it was my sister. I heard the noise again. I went down the stairs to see what happened. I saw Santa’s white beard hanging down from the chimney.

I went closer to peek into the chimney before I was about to peek in Santa yelled, “HELP!”  I backed up and Santa cried, “Help.” I went to the kitchen to get some soap and water.  Santa exclaimed, “That is too wet.”

I tried some melted butter to get him out of the chimney. He exclaimed, “It was too sticky.”  I got a long shovel from the garage to scrape out the butter. But I couldn’t reach all the way down.

I tried to pull him out of the chimney with a rope and two pounds of weights attached to it.  I tied the rope to Santa’s foot.  He exclaimed, “It hurts.” I quickly untied the rope, so it wouldn’t hurt for too long.

Santa was still stuck because of the sticky butter. I went to get a lighter to melt the butter again. I made the butter even hotter than the other time. I made sure it cooled a little before I poured the butter into the chimney so I wouldn’t burn Santa. Soon the butter reached Santa and he quickly slide down.

  “Thank you!  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” he exclaimed!fat-santa-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Santa is Stuck!


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Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney

By: Peter


One night before Christmas the wind was blowing and my windows were banging. I was trying to go to sleep, but I could only think of Christmas. I finally shut my eyes. BUT, I heard a THUMP, THUMP on my roof. I opened the window.   It was windy, and I looked up and I saw reindeer.  I heard Santa call, “HO, HO, HO,” so I quickly went to bed. I waited and waited. I wondered  what was  taking him so long.

I went up the stairs and I heard someone say, “Help.”   I looked up in the chimney.  I stuck my hand up the chimney and I felt a large fluffy beard.  IT WAS SANTA!  I was very surprised.  I said, “What are you doing in there?”  Santa said, “Help.  I am stuck.”

I grabbed a magnet from our garage and a ladder and climbed up the roof.  I saw the elves and the reindeer. I carried the magnet  to the chimney.  The magnet got stuck to his belt. The elves helped me to try to pull Santa out.  He was really stuck.

I went to the kitchen to get butter and a lighter.   I climbed up the ladder and melted the butter.  I threw the melted butter down the chimney. Santa said, “YUCK!  What … what … was that?  I replied, “That was butter.” “ I do like butter in my cookies, but all over me,” Santa exclaimed. The elves and I pulled on Santa again.  He was still stuck.

I got a thick rope and tied it on his shiny boots.  The elves and I all pulled as hard as we all could.  He flew out of the chimney with a smile on his face.  We all cheered.Santa gave me a present because I helped get him out of the chimney. Santa exclaimed,  “Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas!

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Santa is Stuck


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                                                                  Santa is Stuck

                                                                        By: Eva

       One chilly Christmas Eve I was snuggled up in my cozy bed trying to sleep. I heard a THUMP from downstairs.  I just ignored it. I heard it again THUMP, THUMP.  I went downstairs creaking on the stairs CREEK, CREEK, and CREEK. I looked at the cookies and milk. They had not been touched.

  I looked in the chimney.  Ashes fell into my eyes as I reached into the chimney.  I felt a fluffy beard.   I pulled it and he yelled, “OUCH.” I thought for a moment.   It must be Santa. I looked again in the chimney.  I saw a red suit. Somebody exclaimed, “HELP.”  It must be Santa I thought again to myself. I asked Santa, “Is that you Santa.” Santa exclaimed, “Yes.”

santa stuckI went into the kitchen to grab butter. I put itinto the microwave to melt the butter, so I could get Santa out of the chimney. I took the melted butter out of the microwave and put the butter around the chimney I was hoping for some luck. I tugged and I could tell Santa was getting a little looser.  I pulled and pulled, but I could not get him out of the chimney. butter

Next, I got soap and water. I poured it in the chimney and luckily I got Santa a little looser.

Finally, I used a humongous magnet to stick on his belt.  I had the humongous magnet from Grade Two Science.  I got a ladder from the garage. I put it by the house and I climbed the ladder. I put the humongous magnet on his belt and I managed to get Santa a lot looser.  I climbed down from the roof.

 magnet vegetable-oilI went to get cooking oil from the kitchen.   I climbed back on the roof again. I poured the cooking oil down the chimney. Santa slide out of the chimney! “YES!” I exclaimed. 

Santa put some toys under the tree. This time Santa left using the front door. He climbed the ladder I had put by the house. He lifted off of the roof with a SWISH and he was gone with,  HO, HO, HO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

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