Awesome Bird Skype with the Biologists in Ontario!


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Today we Skyped with Bird Studies Canada that taught us about many different kinds of  birds.  The biologists live in Ontario.  I am so glad that we Skyped with Bird Studies Canada! They put bands on the birds to track them.  The first bird was the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  It has a red spot on its’ head.  That is why it is called the Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  A Ruby Crowned Kinglet is the size of a loonie.  It is a good thing that they let the birds go when they are done measuring the birds. We were lucky we got to  see  a Saw-Whet Owl when we Skyped. The birds we saw a very beautiful creatures. We only saw four birds, but there are many birds in the world. The Fox Sparrow is very fuzzy like a fox.  It is very tiny, has a grey head, and brown wings. It enjoys seeds and has a thick bill. The Yellow Rumped Warbler has a yellow and black rump and enjoys berries. I hope I will get a bird of my own some day when I grow up. 

 RkTMoG9ij (1)

Our Grade 4 Geometry Video


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We hope you enjoy our geometry video.   We took pictures of real world shapes, used the app called, “Symmetry Lab,” to create symmetrical designs, used K’Nex to build 2-D, 3-D, and symmetrical designs, and used geoboards and elastics to create symmetrical designs.  

This is our first iMovie ever!  We learned it is important to take clear pictures, how to insert pictures into an iMovie, and use the app called, “Photo Editor,” to add text to our pictures.  

We hope you enjoy our iMovie!  




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In math we are multiplying with all of the numbers. I thought it would be hard but it really is not.

It’s quite easy to multiply and so far I’m good at it!!!

We are doing the ones, twos, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, eights, nines, tens, elevens and the twelves. I like to do the fives because I know how to count by fives the best!!!

The trick is you have to know how to count by the number you are multiplying by.  Anything times zero is zero. Here are some different things we did. 

We played with smarties to make arrays and then we wrote the math sentence. I also enjoy using the iPad to play different multiplication games.  This is a great site to learn your multiplication facts:

Here are some pictures!!




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This video was made using iMovie by students and shows a variety of symmetry projects.  Students created symmetrical objects with K’Nex, Geo boards and elastics, and used the app called, Symmetry Lab Basic,”  to create creative symmetrical designs. I’m looking forward to seeing their completed symmetrical drawing of themselves, which they are completing in Art.

Symmetry Site:


We hope you enjoyed our symmetry video! 

Our First iMovie


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We are excited!  We made our first iMovie on geometric shapes found around the playground and classroom!  

Take a look!  Click the link below:


We hope you enjoyed our video!  We learned our world is filled with geometric shapes everywhere!  


After we completed the project this is what we learned:

  • Taking pictures horizontally will allow pictures to be edited easier and will look better on screen.

  • We need to make sure the colours and font we select will be visible and clear when the video is played.

  • Editing photos too many times can cause the photo to become distorted.

  • We learned how to use the app called Over.  What a great photo editing tool!

We Love Geometry!


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We have dived into the world of Geometry!  We built 2-D shapes with K’Nex and the kids had blast!  Students learned about regular and irregular polygons to gain an understanding of how 2-D shapes are required to build 3-D shapes.  The students enjoyed creating different types of 2-D shapes. Honestly, they squealed with delight, which was great to hear!  Students learned how to be a team and co-operate with each other to create their shapes.   It was interesting to listen to the students discuss how they would create their shapes.  



iPhone Image 6E57C4

To understand geometric vocabulary on similar and congruent students created some fantastic designs.

Students did a great job building 3-D shapes with clay.


My students are excited to create their first iMovie on real world geometric shapes found on the playground and in the school.  For the majority of students using an iPad to take a picture and create an iMovie is a new and intriguing project! Stay tuned for our iMovie!

iPhone Image 6E5808

 Here’s a great resource to help build real world 3-D shapes.prod4356_dt


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