Language Arts



Language Arts focuses on building motivated, self-sufficient readers and writers. Language Arts focuses on reading comprehension, fluency, and accuracy.  This is explored by reading to self, reading to others, and listening to others to read.  To improve vocabulary, students have, “Word of the Day,”  which means they learn a new word everyday.  Spelling words match our weekly activities in the classroom and daily language activities are also included.  Students will read a variety of mystery novels this year such as, “Nate the Great,” “The Great Mouse Detective,” “Nancy Drew,” “Encyclopedia Brown,” and “Cam Janssen.”   Another book we read is, “Ticket to Curlew,” as it relates well to the Social Studies curriculum.

Writing is a very complicated yet rewarding skill to learn and experiment with in Language Arts.  Students get an opportunity to explore many different forms of writing and have a great of flexibility to create their own writing pieces. Many of our writing projects are integrated with Art as a way to inspire the creative writing process.  

Below is a fun site your child can use to create a story!

We are excited to share our Language Arts projects through blogging!  


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