We Love Geometry!


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We have dived into the world of Geometry!  We built 2-D shapes with K’Nex and the kids had blast!  Students learned about regular and irregular polygons to gain an understanding of how 2-D shapes are required to build 3-D shapes.  The students enjoyed creating different types of 2-D shapes. Honestly, they squealed with delight, which was great to hear!  Students learned how to be a team and co-operate with each other to create their shapes.   It was interesting to listen to the students discuss how they would create their shapes.  



iPhone Image 6E57C4

To understand geometric vocabulary on similar and congruent students created some fantastic designs.

Students did a great job building 3-D shapes with clay.


My students are excited to create their first iMovie on real world geometric shapes found on the playground and in the school.  For the majority of students using an iPad to take a picture and create an iMovie is a new and intriguing project! Stay tuned for our iMovie!

iPhone Image 6E5808

 Here’s a great resource to help build real world 3-D shapes.prod4356_dt


Write Like A Scientist!


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To begin the year in my Science 7 class, which is a new course for me this year, we worked on a project called, “Write Like a Scientist.”  It was a great project to start the year.  It allowed the students to take a look at what they would study in the unit, “Interactions and Ecosystems.”  In addition, it allowed the students to collaborate in groups and to understand the importance of adding detail to projects in the future.  Finally, it allowed me some time to learn some more about my students before we jumped into the topic.  It gave me a better understanding of who works well with each other, who does not, who requires extra assistance, and who the leaders are of the class.  Things that are really important to ensure the classroom runs smoothly and the students are successful in Science this year!  Click on picture below to see what the assignment was like.


Here’s a rubric I used for the project.  http://bit.ly/17JRCZM Just a quick note, I gave the students the rubric after they completed their posters to ensure creativity was not hampered by the rubric.  Students understood the requirements of the project before they began. 

Take a look at the posters by my Grade 7 students!  They turned out great!


Scientist 3



I’m looking forward to the students ecosystems diorama and report project.  It was great to hear the kids say, “Can we bring items from home?  Can I bring my a shoebox to do my own? Can we start right now?”

Back in the Groove!


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The school year has started!  I meet my new nineteen students last week.   I look forward to learning more about them and watching them learn and grow!

I am a strong believer on what Harry Wong has to say about the first days of school and the importance of establishing routines to ensure that the classroom runs smoothly!  Harry Wong has excellent reminders for beginning and seasoned teachers!


Although routines and procedures were important part of the first couple of days, we did have some fun!  We discussed the importance of being a team in order to work, play, and learn together.    We made tasty friendship salad to discuss the concept of being a team.  Here is the recipe if you would like to make it with your class:  bit.ly/1flWeWr.  Enjoy!

Another theme we discussed was being a wise learner in Grade Four to help  us learn and grow.  My students made clay magnet owls that they could take home as a reminder.  I found this activity on   . . .  can you guess?  If you guessed Pinterest, you would be correct!   Here is the link for the activity: http://bit.ly/14Ufzgg  The students enjoyed making the clay owl!




A big theme this year is to learn and grow, similar to a garden.  To help this theme bloom students will paint clay pots, plant grass seed, paint a flower, add their picture to the flower, and type all about themselves on the butterfly pattern provided. Below is a completed, “All About Me,” project!  They turned out great and the kids were excited to share their work with their classmates and be videotaped with the iPad.


Flower Pot

Although I plan on doing different projects this year, it was nice when one of the students asked if they too would some of the same activities they saw the students perform last year, such as making commercials or being reporters in a newsroom.  This warmed my heart as students look forward to Grade Four because of the projects they think are enjoyable!



The beginning of school is off to a great start!  We cannot wait to learn about blogging and begin blogging!





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