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Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Grade 7 Science | Posted on September 15, 2013

To begin the year in my Science 7 class, which is a new course for me this year, we worked on a project called, “Write Like a Scientist.”  It was a great project to start the year.  It allowed the students to take a look at what they would study in the unit, “Interactions and Ecosystems.”  In addition, it allowed the students to collaborate in groups and to understand the importance of adding detail to projects in the future.  Finally, it allowed me some time to learn some more about my students before we jumped into the topic.  It gave me a better understanding of who works well with each other, who does not, who requires extra assistance, and who the leaders are of the class.  Things that are really important to ensure the classroom runs smoothly and the students are successful in Science this year!  Click on picture below to see what the assignment was like.


Here’s a rubric I used for the project.  http://bit.ly/17JRCZM Just a quick note, I gave the students the rubric after they completed their posters to ensure creativity was not hampered by the rubric.  Students understood the requirements of the project before they began. 

Take a look at the posters by my Grade 7 students!  They turned out great!


Scientist 3



I’m looking forward to the students ecosystems diorama and report project.  It was great to hear the kids say, “Can we bring items from home?  Can I bring my a shoebox to do my own? Can we start right now?”

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Very fun! The food web is the one me and my friends did!

This was an awesome first project of the year!!!!!!!

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