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Posted by Michelle Vidotto | Posted in Grade 7 Science | Posted on November 19, 2013

Whooping Crane1

My Grade Seven Class enjoyed creating their diorama ecosystems.  They had a choice between the following animals found in Alberta:

  • Woodland Caribou

  • Whooping Crane

  • Badger

  • Northern Leopard Toad

It was great to see the students enthusiastic attitude towards the project as they often asked when they would be working on their diorama.  Students were creative and worked hard on ensuring their diorama depicted the ecosystem of their chosen animal.  This project fostered teamwork and co-operation as it was a group project.  Each team member contributed to the project by utilizing their strengths.  Some were more creative, some worked hard at keeping their team on task, some took a leadership role etc.  Each studentfelt successful and proud of their final product!  Students also learned how to include a QR code on their diorama.  A big hit!

Woodland Caribou


Whooping Crane

This project was integrated with creating an individual report on their chosen animal.  Students were excited to create a SMART Notebook presentation with backgrounds, animation, links, and videos.

Click the links below for the research report outline and student generated rubrics.

Ecosystem Diorama and Research Report


Students did include animation in their report, but since all browsers may not support SMART Notebook, files have been saved in PDF format.   Take a look at the students Smart Board presentations.

Whooping Crane

Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou

Woodland Caribou

The final part of this project was presenting their report to their peers, as well as, to other students in the school.  



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