Santa is Stuck!


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It was a chilly Christmas Eve night. I was incredibly excited about Christmas. I just finished putting on my pj’s and  jumped into bed.  No matter how hard I tried sleeping is something I could not do. I was too excited. My sister on the bunk below was already asleep, smiling [probably about Christmas]. I got out a book to read because usually if I read a while, I got sleepy, but I still couldn’t sleep. I sighed. I shut my eyes tight, still I did not fall asleep.

I decided to get a glass of milk. I went downstairs to the fridge and got a glass of milk. I was just going to go upstairs when I surprisingly found that the two chocolate chip cookies and the cup of hot chocolate and milk were still there. I left hot chocolate just case Santa didn’t want milk. I looked at the clock. Santa still hadn’t arrived get? Weird I thought to myself. I put my foot on the stairs. THUMP. I was that loud? Strange! I tried again as quiet as I could. THUMP. Even louder! I looked at the stairs for a good five minutes. Then I heard it again. THUMP. I looked at my feet they had not just touched the stairs! Then I heard something different. It was a groan! I looked around, I was alone.  I thought the noise came from the chimney. 

I felt in the chimney. I felt something smooth. I tugged and tugged. It was a nice and shiny boot. ‘‘Hey, give me my boot back. It’s cold outside.” reported a voice. I dropped the boot and jumped back. ‘‘Santa, is that you?” I asked, surprised that someone was, I guess, stuck in our chimney. [sigh] “Yes, it is Santa.  I am stuck in the chimney that’s around me right now. Can you please help me get out of here?’’ How am I going to get him out I thought to myself.   I tried and tried to figure out how to get him out.   But I couldn’t think of anything. Just then an elf from the top of the chimney interrupted my thoughts. ‘‘Can you please try and hurry get him out? Or he won’t finishing delivering all the presents tonight.’’ Then the elf gave me an idea. ‘‘I’ll be right out, so wait right there!’’ I called back to them. When I got a ladder and climbed on the roof, I told the elves my idea. ‘‘One of you is going to hold on to the other elf’s feet, and another is going to do it to another, and so on till we reach Santa.’’ They did so and I pulled on the last elf’s feet and we pulled and pulled. At last we got Santa up! We all did a little cheer after. ‘‘Now go to bed and I’ll put the presents under the tree,’’ replied Santa. I did so. I snuggled in bed and I heard a faint, ‘‘Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I smiled and I fell fast asleep!


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Wow! I loved your story as soon as I read it to myself and I also loved your pictures.

Thank you Nancy.

Very good story. The best part was you sticking your hand in the chimney. The art work is a perfect match to your story.

Your story was amazing Getruda.

Thank you Isaac.

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