Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney


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On Christmas Eve night Francisco was upstairs in his bedroom wide awake. He was excited for Christmas and the presents that he would receive from Santa Claus.  Francisco went to sleep.  About two hours later Francisco woke up. Everyone else in his hole house was asleep, so he tried and tried, but he couldn’t fall asleep.   Francisco was dreaming about Santa eating the cookies and drinking the milk he left on the table for Santa Claus.  Francisco jumped out of bed and looked out the window for about four short minutes.   He noticed a lot of snow falling down from the sky.  He also saw the Christmas decorations and lights on the neighbour’s houses.

Francisco decided to go back downstairs because he couldn’t sleep.  Francisco went to the fireplace.   He noticed the fireplace was still on, so he put the fire out with water.  Francisco went back upstairs quietly so he wouldn’t wake anyone up.

Suddenly THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.  Francisco went quickly and quietly went downstairs to the fireplace.   Francisco looked up the chimney and saw Santa Claus’ big, black, shiny boots.  Santa exclaimed,’’ HELP! HELP! HELP!”   Francisco exclaimed, “Be right there!”   Francisco put on his boots and snow suit.  Francisco ran outside with a bottle of oil and got a ladder from the garage.  Francisco climbed to the top of the ladder and poured the oil down the chimney.  Francisco heard a loud thump and Santa exclaiming,’’ Thank you!  Come inside because it is cold out.’’ Francisco said, “I sure will!  Glad you are not stuck in the chimney anymore!”  Francisco climbed down the ladder, ran inside to the warm house, and quickly taking his snow suite off.   He couldn’t believe Santa was before his eyes.  Santa Claus said, “Thank you for helping me.  Now you go to sleep like a terrific boy.”   Francisco responded, “Alright!  Merry Christmas!”   As Francisco lay snug in his bed in the distance heard, “Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas and to all a good night!”

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Nice printing colour and Francisco is a creative name.

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