Santa is Stuck!


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On a snowy night Anna baked some cookies for Santa. She was very sleepy so then she went to bed and waited for Santa to come. Suddenly, there was a noise on the roof top. Anna thought that her mom and dad we’re going to wake up but they did not. She went downstairs and it smelled like cookies. Anna thought that her cookies were not tasty but they were tasty because on her way up she ate one.  She  waited and waited and waited for Santa.  She waited a long time, and then she fell fast asleep on the couch.

SUDDENLLY!! She heard a sound THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! She went to the chimney. She stuck her hand in the chimney. Anna felt something very soft.   She thought, could it be Santa?   Anna looked up and she saw a red fluffy suit.  It was Santa!  She pulled Santa’s beard.   “Hey! OWWWW!  DON’T DO THAT,” said Santa!   “Are you Santa and are you stuck,” asked Anna? “Yes I am.  Now please get me out so I can finish delivering presents,” replied Santa. Anna quickly went to the kitchen to get some Jell-O to help get Santa out of the chimney.

“Thank you,” said Santa as he plopped out. “Now can I tell you something,” said Anna?  “Yes you can,” replied Santa. “Did you bring your elves? Did you bring me some presents,” asked Anna? “SHHHHHHHHH not so loud you are going to wake your sisters up! I have to go deliver presents now.  You have to go to bed like a good girl.  Merry Christmas,” exclaimed Santa.

HO!  HO!  HO!  Merry Christmas! 

Santa Stuck


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Hope you enjoyed writing your story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

We liked that you had sisters in the story because they would wake up in real life if you talked loudly. We like how well you described the cookies. We could almost smell them!

I liked that you thought that your mom and dad would wake up but they didn’t!! I also loved that you said the cookies weren’t tasty but they were because you ate one when you went upstairs. It’s funny how you pulled Santa’s beard. I really liked that you used jell-o instead of butter:). Fantastic Job!!!!

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