Santa Stuck In the Chimney


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One Christmas Eve Santa’s elves were getting ready to help  Santa load his toys on his humongous sleigh with tractors, dolls and many more toys.   Finally  Santa left with the reindeers and Santa was singing, “HO!HO! HO!” 

SUDDENLY  the alarm clock went ding, dong,  ding, dong I woke up and I heard thump, thump.   I crept downstairs and our stairs were squawking.  I heard help, help and I ran into the living room zoom. I stuck my hand into the cool breezy chimney. And I grabbed on Santa’s beard and pulled.    “Oww!  Don’t pull my beard,”  exclaimed Santa.

Finally I got an idea.   I ran to our shed as fast as I could.   I got a 15cm black and yellow spotted rope. I locked the shed door. I ran back to our house.  I tied the rope on his foot and pulled him out. Plop Santa landed on the floor.   “Thank you for helping me,” Santa said.  I left you a nice present.  The next morning I opened the present Santa left for me, a remote control car!


Santa and Reindeer


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I loved reading your tale of Santa stuck in the chimney!!!

We really like how Santa got pulled out of the chimney.
We wonder why you made the rope only 15 cm long and not longer. We also liked when Santa got his beard pulled and he said “Ow!” because that is exactly what Santa would say.

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