Santa’s Big Problem!


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It was Christmas Eve around 11:55 p.m. and Drayden was so eager for when Santa Claus would put his presents under his Christmas tree. He couldn’t really sleep but when he almost fell asleep he heard, “Thud! Thud! Thud!”   However, Drayden thought it was just his dad chasing mice.   So Drayden crept slowly down his creaky stairs, but right when he was almost down the stairs the noise stopped.  He continued to go downstairs and checked to see if Santa had come yet, but he didn’t.  Drayden went and looked up his his chimney and all he saw was the pitch black night sky and Santasparkling stars.

Drayden went back to bed for about an hour and heard the noise again followed by a loud his chimney and saw something red and a tiny bit white. Drayden stuttered “S-S-Santa is it really y-y-you?” and Santa replied, “Yes.” Drayden, since you are standing there could you help me out of here? It is not comfortable in here and it kind of reeks like ashes,” exclaimed Santa. “Okay! Did you bring any elves with you,” asked Drayden. Santa replied, “Yes two.” Drayden went to his front porch and climbed up and onto his roof and right in front of his very eyes was Santa’s sleigh, nine Reindeer, and two elves. Drayden went up to the elves and exclaimed, “You two elves jump on Santa and I’ll go see if he falls down.” Drayden went back downstairs and he heard the little elves trying as hard as they could to push Santa down the chimney. It made Drayden feel really bad then Drayden went and asked Santa, “Is it okay if I ask my dad if he can help?” As fast as he could Santa exclaimed, “No! No! No!”, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Drayden sprinted down his thirteen stairs and looked up

Drayden went to the kitchen and got some cooking oil.  Drayden warned Santa that he will be oily but he would no longer be stuck in the chimney.   Drayden poured the oil all over Santa’s chubby body.  Santa screamed, “Ugh!” Drayden responded, “Don’t worry! If this doesn’t work I got a few other plans up my sleeve.” Drayden went and looked up the chimney and whispered, “Are you okay up there? Yes but I’m still stuck,” replied Santa.   “I’ll go try something else and you can go take a shower when you fall out, responded Drayden.

Drayden went to the roof again to ask the elves if they had any magical dust left that made the reindeer fly.  The elves told him they did, but it only works on animals. Drayden asked if they had any rope and the elves said they did and it was really strong too. Drayden told the reindeer to put the rope in their mouth and pull Santa out and Drayden would push Santa up to help them. Drayden got down he pushed and pushed Santa Claus and right when he was about to give up Santa popped out of the chimney. He told Santa he could take a shower now and Santa did.   It took him 22 minutes to shower and when he was out Drayden asked if he could eat the cookies with him and Santa said he could. After that Santa replied, “Go to bed and be a good boy or else you don’t get any presents.” Drayden went to bed and he heard Santa holler, “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”


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How was Christmas?

Good. I got a brand new spy kit, night vision goggles and lots more awesome stuff.

I realy like it.

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