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In health, with Mrs. Cowie, we are learning about the 7 virtues.

I like health because we learning how to be kind, respectful, loyal, sharing, caring, trustworthy, tolerance, helpful, and other things. 

We have to write all the 7 virtues on piece of paper. We did some other things too. We als0 did a heart and we painted the heart.  

After we wrote KIND words around it. Here are some kind words:):):) Helpful, kind, loyal, respectful, tolerance, caring, sharing, trusworthy and more.     PICTURE:):):)





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I like health to especially when we got to paint the hearts.

I saw the heart in the hallway. It’s neat looking.

Hi my name is Ella, That’s cool! We don’t have health at our school. It sounds fun though! I wonder what other things you will do?

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