The Wizard of Oz


Posted by gerhardbds4 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on April 30, 2014

The Wizard of Oz was cool because they created thunder and they made dust with a machine. The thunder was kind of scary because at first I didn’t know what was going on. The witch was a little scary at first, but not then I got used to how scary  the witch was.  It was awesome that Dorothy killed the witch.                                                                

My favourite part was the thunder and the dust. The soldiers were dresed in yellow and the looked like real soldiers. The scaercrow had no brain and the witches’ voice was horrible.  I like how the characters dressed up in boots and hats. My least favourite part was the singing because it was boring just to watch when they sang. Dorothy even cried about the dog because the witch wanted the dog.   The lion was a scaredy cat but usually lions are not scared of anything.  I really enjoyed the play. 


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Great work, Gerhard! It was great that you included your opinion about the play, rather than just telling what the play was about. The sound effects were a great way to warn the audience the witch was coming. It’s too bad you did not enjoy the singing, since the play was a musical. The fact the characters looked scary like the witch and that the soldiers looked real to you, meant the costumes and make up were well done. I’m glad you enjoyed the play! I did as well! Keep working hard! 🙂

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