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TIK, TIK went Nancy’s alarm clock as she got up.                                           

RUSTLE,  RUSTLE went Nancy as she got ready for school.                                

STOMP, STOMP went Nancy as she stomped through the snow.                  

VROOM ,VROOM, VROOM went the cars beside Nancy.                                            

BEEP , BEEP, BEEP went the buses.                                                                          

PSST , PSST , PSST went the kids on the bus.                                                    

SCREETCH went the buses as they stopped at school.                                    

BAM , BAM went the lockers as the kids closed them.                          

DING, DING went the bell as the kids hustled in their classrooms.                      

SSSS, SSSS  went the pencils as the kids were doing a test.                      

SHH, SHH went the teacher as they lined up for gym.                            

SQUEAK, SQUEAK went the kids shoes as they played soccer.                    

DING, DONG went the bell for recess.

YAHOO went the kids during recess.

DRRING went the bell to go inside for lunchtime.

MUNCH , MUNCH went the kids as they ate their sandwich.

NIBBLE , NIBBLE went the teacher as she was nibbling on her salad.

SHHH went the teacher on the way to music class.

LA, LA, LA went the kids as they sang a song.

BUZZZ went the bell for home time.

STOMP went the kids as they got on the bus.

ZOOM , ZOOM went the buses as they drove off.

CRUNCH went leaves as the kids walked home from the bus stop.      

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You did a very good job on descibing a day at school Nancy!!!

Thank you!!!!

Great job using onomatopoeia words to describe what sounds you hear throughout the school day. Your poem showcased that you understood the concept well. I like how you used screech to describe the buses stopping at school. You are right shoes sure do squeak when the kids play soccer in the gym! Keep up the great work! 🙂

I love you’re onomatopoeia Nancy.

I love the way your so neat and your also a fast typer. I wish I was that fast and neat. You and Gertruda are both very smart and neat.

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