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The grade four to eight students went on a field trip to Medicine Hat to the Esplanade to watch a play called The Wizard Of Oz.  There is a girl named Dorthy and she always carries a really cute little dog named Toto around.  It is  a brown and black mixed dog. It has a little red bow tied on  it’s head. There is a kind witch of the North and she is dressed in a white dress.  That’s why they call her a white witch of the North.   There is a wicked Witch of the East but she died ,and there is her sister left, the wicked Witch of the West. She has a green face but I think it’s some sort of cream, or maybe it’s a mask.  She is worse than her sister the wicked Witch of the East! There was also a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion that was afraid of sheep.  My friend that I was sitting next too knew exactly when the witch was coming, but it scared me so much that I thought there was a thunderstorm outside, but there was not.  The floor even viberated when there was the thunder noise. My favourite part was when the white witch meet Dorothy because she had such a smooth and soft voice and she was really beautiful.  She also had such beautiful blond hair.  My least favourite part was when the wicked witch melted because she made strange noises.  I enjoyed most of the songs.  I didn’t enjoy the song they sang about going to see Oz or the song about following the yellow brick road. 

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Well written. I enjoyed all the descriptive words that you used. It made me want to go to the play. 🙂

Great work Cristina! You did a fantastic job describing what happened at the play and you used descriptive language as well! I like how you included your opinion about the play as well. This makes it more interesting to read, rather than just telling the reader what the play is about. Great insight and observation to activities that happen behind the scenes, like the fact that they use green cream to make the witches’ face green. You are right, the floor did vibrate when the thunder sounds were created. Dorothy did have an amazing singing voice. Why didn’t you like the song about the yellow brick road? Keep up the great work! 🙂

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