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Posted by nancylbds4 | Posted in Grade 4 Science, Uncategorized | Posted on May 25, 2014

In science we are learning about simple machines.  Science is my favorite subject because we get to build levers, pulleys, gears, wheel and axles, screws, wedges and inclined planes!! We build the simple machines with K’nex and once we are done building we put them in the hallway and everyone gets to see what we built. We all got to build one wooden model.  Some got to build a plane, a pick up truck, a sailboat, a wagon and a tank, but I chose the wagon. I really enjoy the building we do in Gr.4!!!


k'nex - nancy lwagon - nancy l

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I am glad you are enjoying the building unit. You and your partner worked well together and created some interesting simple machines. What was your favourite simple machine to learn about? Your wooden wagon turned out great! 🙂

I enjoyed building the models too. Good job on your post.

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