Onomatopeia Poem


Posted by evapebds4 | Posted in Grade 4 Science | Posted on June 13, 2014

BEEP, BEEP goes Eva’s alarm clock.

GROAN, GROAN goes Eva as she gets out of bed.

RUSTLE, RUSTLE goes Eva’s clothes as she puts them on.

CRUNCH, CRUNCH goes the food that Eva eats.

WHOOSH,WHOOSH goes the water as Eva washes her hair.

Now Eva is ready to go to school.

CLING, CLING go the car keys as Eva starts the car.

VROOM,VROOM goes the car on the highway to school.

RING, RING goes the bell to go inside and work.

SCRATCH, SCRATCH goes the pencils as they wrote their stories.

RING, RING went the bell.

“YAHOOO,” yelled the students as they got ready for recess.

SHHH, SHHH said the teacher as the kids came in yelling from recess.

SHHH, SHHH went the principal as the kids were taking their tests.

STOMP, STOMP went the kids as they ran around the gym.

BUZZ, BUZZ went the bell to go home.

STOMP, STOMP went the kids as they walked out of the school.


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Great job on your poem Eva. You demonstrated an understanding using onomatopoeia words to describe the sounds you hear during the day. Hmm . . . you sound like Miss Vidotto when she gets out of bed, particularly on rainy or cold winter days! Love the Garfield joke at the end of your poem! Keep working hard! 🙂

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