Farm Safety Day!!!!!


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pumpkins happyOn Wednesday, June 4th 2014 we went to farm safety at tr4d010522_8285r_642x462he Burdett Hall. Farm safety was really cool. There were  eight different sessions.

Our first session was First Aid. We learned  what to do when someone cut his or her hand very badly. The first thing we have to do is to tell them to hold their hand up for 60 seconds because the blood runs down our arm and slows down the bleeding.

Our second session was the combine. We learned not to go behind it or in the front when it is stared.  If you want to talk to the driver you have to wave to the driver from the side so you can get their attention. We also learned that not to go under it even if it is not running because your finger could get caught in the pullies and then it would be cut off.

After we went to the roll over simulator. There was a dumb dummy and a smart dummy. The dumb dummy did not wear his seatblet  and the smart dummy did wear his seatbelt. Then the truck rolled over and the dumb dummy flew out of the window head first and I am sure if he would of been a real person he would have died.

After they gave us the snacks. We had ice cream and cookies and juice.

After we had our snacks we went to the lawn mowers. We learned that we have to pick up everything before mowing the lawn. If you don’t it will fly out and hit someone that is close by. That is why it is not good to stand by a lawn mower that is running.

Our next session was the lego table. There were a lot of unsafe things that the little lego people did. One lady had a baby on the back of a moterciycle and the other one was climbing on a fence with a big bull, cow , and a calf in it. She was trying to look at the baby calf. One boy was driving a combine with a baseket ball in his hand. We all had to find an unsafe thing in the picture. I found the boy on the fence.

The germ session was our next one. First the man fake germs on our hands and then he shined our hands with a glowing light. We all had some fake germs on our hands. We had to wash our hands and we had to scrub our hands for 20 sec. then wash the soup off and sing the ABC while you do it. When we were done he shined on our hands and most of us had very clean hands. After we got posters about how long to wash your hands and the other one was just to remind you to wash your hands. And that was all at the germ safety session.

Chemical safety was our next session. We got to play a game. It was a guessing game. We had to geuss which one was a candy and which one was a cemical. They looked excaly the same. We all most always got it right. After we had to geuss what the sigh was.

Our last session was the tractor. The tractor was very intesting because we got to climb inside the tractor and look at every thing. When we were inside one of the people in our class would stand in front and one of the people that were telling us about the tractor would ask us if we could see the person that was in front and we all said NO! And that is all from the farm safety day!!

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Wow Helena! Great job describing what you learned at farm safety day. I can tell you paid attention at every station by the amount of detail you wrote in your post! Way to go! 🙂

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