Remembrance Day Letter


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poppyDear Veteran,      

Thank  you for serving  our  country. Thank  you  for  the  peace  and  freedom.  Thank  you  for fighting   in  wars. Thank you for  keeping  other  countries  safe.   Thank  you  for  fighting in wars.           

We   are making   clay  poppies.   We  are   singing,  ‘’Just   one   Candle ,” at the Remembrance DayAssemby.   I  learned  John Mc Crae wrote a  poem called in Flanders Fields after his friend died in war. We   learned  about the  Unknown   Soilder is located in Ottawa.  The Peace Tower found in Ottawa has fifty-three bells on it.  The bells are rung on Remembrance Day.  The Peace Tower has beautiful stained glass windows. 

We  listened to  the song  called, “Pittance  of Time,” about a girl with her father remembering the soldiers. It is very sad that many did not come home from the war.  Many nurses cared for the wounded soldiers during World War 1.  Thank you for serving our country.


Yours Truly,


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Great job, Jeffery! You showed that you understand the importance of Remembrance Day. Keep working on stating the facts, rather than just saying you learned this. Also, keep working on adding detail and adjectives to your writing to make them more interesting. It’s great that you remembered that the Peace Tower has stained glass windows. I like that you showed that you cared about the soldiers that died. This shows the reader you have empathy for others. Nice job with your poppy! Keep working hard! 🙂

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