Remembrance Day Letter


Posted by martinw1415 | Posted in Language Arts | Posted on November 28, 2014


Dear Veteran,poppy

Thank you for serving our country. Thank you for the peace and freedom we have in our country. Thank you for fighting in wars. Thank you for keeping other countries safe. Thank you for going in wars.

The Unknown Soldier was on a horse-drawn gun. The Peace Tower in Ottawa has 53 bells on it.  The bells are rung on Remembrance Day. The center of the poppy was once green but was changed to black.  John Mc Crae wrote the poem, ’’In Flanders Fields.”  We listened to a song called, “The Pittance of Time.”    I also enjoyed when the music played with the drums too. We did  two minutes of silence.

Yours Truly,





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Nice work, Martin. Your letter shows you have an understanding on the importance of Remembrance Day. You included some great facts about Remembrance Day, but you need to expand your ideas to make your writing more interesting. Your sentences are short and choppy. This is something you need to work on for you next writing piece. Keep working hard, Martin!

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