Medicine Hat Tarzan and Police Point Park


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Medicine Hat Tarzan

We went to the Esplanade, which is a museum and we watched the play, “Tarzan”. It’s about Tarzan is lost in a jungle in Africa. He also met kind gorillas, but the father gorilla didn’t really like that he was in the family because  he thought he was dangerous.The father gorilla’s name was “Kerchak.”   There was also a kid gorilla from the gorilla family. He was very nice to Tarzan. Tarzan also met a girl named Jane. Jane and Tarzan fall in love. It was a long play.

We also went to Police Point Park and we made a huge teepee. We had to be with partners to make the teepee. It was kind of hard to make with all the big sticks. We had to put some different kind of buttons to hold the teepee door. The teepee was very large and warm inside. They had lots of blankets to put in the teepee. They also had a blanket of a buffalo hide from a huge buffalo. The blankets were very warm. The woman also talked about how First Nnations made their clothes, blankets, knives, and things to write with. They also made horns to blow in  so they could catch the buffalos. They blew in the horns so the buffalos would come near them and some other First Nations would dress up like wolves so they would go to the edge of the cliff. It was very interesting.  I enjoyed the field trip!  🙂tarzan

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Nice work on your Tarzan post, Tina! You showed you understood what the play was about. What was your favourite part? Least favourite part? What did yout think of the costumes? I am glad you enjoyed building the teepee at Police Point Park, even though it was freezing out! The class used terrific teamwork skills to build the teepee. I can you listened carefully to what the presenter explained about the First Nations and I agree it was interesting. Keep up the excellent work! Proud of how hard you work! 🙂

Even though the play was long, you remembered all the important parts and described them really well! Thank you for telling that it was warm in the teepee.I wondered how it felt in there. It must have very exciting to learn all those facts while you were in the teepee!

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