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TarzanGrade 2-6 went on a field trip to Medicine Hat to watch Tarzan and  only the grade fours went to Police Point Park. First we went to watch Tarzan . I enjoyed when Jane and Tarzan fell in love in the rain forest. I didn’t enjoy it when the leopard killed Tarzan’s parents.  The leopard’s costume were incredible.  My favourite costume was the leopard’s costume because my second favourite animal is a leopard. I really like the spots on the leopard. My least favourite costume was the gorilla’s costume because gorillas are my least favourite animal. I’ve watched Tarzan twice in my whole life. After Tarzan we went to Police Point Park.  We had to eat fast on the bus. When we got  to Police Point Park a lady talked to us about buffaloes because that is what Native Americans used to build their tipis.  When she was finished talking about Native Americans , we built a tipi too.  It was fun because Heidi and I were partners.  Heidi and I were the first ones to put a pole on the tipi. When our class was finished the tipi we put blankets in the tipi.   Our class went into the tipi and the girls sat on one side and the boys on the other side. When we where go out of the tipi we had to clean it up. It was a fantastic field trip!  



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Nice job on your post, Annie! You did a great job showing your understanding of the play. I also thought it was sad that the leopard killed Tarzan’s parents. Why is a leopard your favourite animal? Although, I did not enjoy eating lunch on the bus so quickly! The class did a great job building the tipi at Police Point Park. Great teamwork was involved! It is great that you understand how important the buffalo are to the Native Americans. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Thank you! I like leopards because I like spots. You are right. It did make me a little sad when the leopard killed
Tarzan’s parents. I tried to do my best work!

Annie, when I was reading your post, I could imagine how felt about the play and about the tipi building. Your sentences were very descriptive. I agree with you about the leopard’s costume! It was amazing!

Thank you that was very nice of you! I tried my best.
What was your favourite animal ? My favourite costume
was Jane’s because my third favourite colour is yellow.

You are very welcome! My favorite costume was the leopard’s even though that character killed Tarzan’s parents. I have a leopard print coat that I like to wear.

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