Trazan Play and Police Point Park


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We  traveled to Medicine Hat to the Esplanade to watch Tarzan the play and to Police Point Park.  We left at 9:00 am to travel to Medicine Hat.  My favourite part of  the Tarzan play was that the gorilla mom took care of a little baby named Tarzan.  The part I didn’t enjoy was that the lion killed Tarzan ‘s parents. Tarzan’s costume was fine but we discussed why he wears a skirt because he lives in the jungle in Africa and it is hot there.  The lady in the yellow dress was a bit  strange.  Her name was Jane.  At Police Point Park we made a Blackfoot tepee.  At school we Skyped with Buffalo Bill and we learned  what the Native Americans used the buffalo for.  We learned buffalo fur is used for huge rugs  and some blankets.  The  bones are used for making tools.  The horns are used for a spoon and for scooping soup. I really enjoyed the field trip!

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I really like your post, Sara! I wasn’t there, but it sounds like fun building a tipi with huge sticks. I wish I could have
come too but my mom and dad didn’t let me go. I don’t know why my parents wanted me to stay. Was it cold at Police Point Park? Keep up the great work!

Great job Sara on your post! You did a great job explaining what the play was about. I agree it was nice that Tarzan was looked after by the gorillas and it was sad that the lion killed Tarzan’s parents. Why did you think Jane was strange? You definitely understand how important the buffalo were to the Native Americans. I am glad you enjoyed the field trip! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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