Leprechaun Limerick


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Leprechaun-Clipart    Leprechaun

             There was a leprechaun named Larry.

          Who met a friend, it was a fairy.

          Then one day the wind blew.

image               Away the fairy flew.

              And that was the end of the fairy.



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We went to a play called Tarzan at the Medicine Hat Esplanade.  The beginning of the play was sad because Tarzan’s parents got killed by a leopard named Saber.  One of my favourite parts was when Tarzan killed the leopard, and when they put Professor Clayton in the cage. One part that was kind of scary was when the green monster attacks Jane, and when Professor Clayton kills Kerchak. The one part that was strange was when Tarzan  invents a  fruit picker and he gets in trouble because Kerchak thinks it is a dangerous weapon. This part was so funny everyone in the audience laughed.  I really enjoyed the play!  🙂









Foothills Acrostic Poem


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Click the link below to take a look at my Foothills Acrostic Poem. Hope you enjoy it!



All About School


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Running with the soccer ballschool

In Math we are doing ordering numbers on a number line. It is really easy for me because I practice at home.

In German we are doing handwriting in a green book.  I enjoy it a great deal because I am on chapter 5 .

At recess I enjoy talking with my friends

In Social we are learning about the Foothills. I learned that area does not grow crops well, but depends on the forestry and logging industry.

In Reading Group we are blogging poems.  It is easy because I have done it many times.

At lunch I usually have a sandwich.

We have reading groups again and then we blog again.   I am blogging about Tarzan.

In Science we are painting periscopes.  I painted mine pink with my name on it and purple dots on it to.We are doing periscopes because we are doing reflecting and 

refracting. You can look around corners with periscopes.

We have recess again and I spend some more time with my friends.

In Art we are sketching a picture of ourselves. I’m finished mine.

In Gym we are practicing how to play basketball and now we are starting gymnastics.  I enjoy gymnastics because I wanted to do gymnastics since I was 7.

I really enjoy school!  🙂




About School


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Hi!   At school we learn different things.  We have done Haiku poems, and Diamante poems. Right now is Valentine’s Day  and we are making awesome Valentine’s Day poems in Language Arts.    

In Science we are working on Optical Devices.   We are making Kaleidoscopes, Binoculars, Telescopes, and Periscopes.,  We are wscienceriting awesome sentences that belong with all the Optical Devices. Do you know why Binoculars make things bigger?   It is because binoculars have a convex lens in them.    

In Art we are doing  water colour,  symmetrical drawing and our Valentine bugs and Valentine boxes.   

In Gym we are starting Gymnastics after our holiday.  So far we have learned about basketball,volleyball, and soccer. 

In Social we studied the Rocky Mountains and  now we are doing the Foothills.  We learned about Rocky Mountain House and that the Foothills do not look as beautiful as the socialRocky Mountains.   Hiton, Edson, Turner Valley are next to the Prairies.  


Math is awesome.  We did place value, adding, and subtracting    Now we are doing number lines.   In Place Value we have done number words, standard form, expanded form like: 3453 = 3000 +400 +50 +3 is an example of expanded form.  

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