What Easter Means to Me!


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 What Easter Means to Me!

Jesus died on the cross for all for all our sins on Good Friday. Then Joseph took Jesus off of the cross and laid him in a bed. He put the bed in a grave which he closed with a big rock. Three days after he was crucified he rose from the dead on Easter morning. When Mary went to look at Jesus he was gone! An angel came to   Mary and said,” Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive!” That’s what Easter means to me!!! On Easter morning my mom comes to wake us up. She goes upstairs and waits until my dad is ready. When he is ready my mom tells us to come upstairs to find our treats. Sometimes my parents just put our gifts on the couch. After that we go get ready for church. At church my sister and I sit beside my mom. We sing Easter songs and say prayers. After church we go home and my cousins come over for lunch. The dads go outside and hide our treats and we go outside to find them. Once we are done it is almost supper. After supper we play downstairs or outside. Then my cousins go home and we clean up the mess.

HAPPY EASTER! 151-Cute-Easter-Bunny-Pictures-111easter-bunny-clip-art-6


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It sounds like you have a busy day planned! Happy Easter!

Nice job on your post Heidi! You understand the importance of Easter, which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead as our Saviour. It sounds like you have a wonderful time celebrating Easter with your family! Have a Happy Easter! 🙂

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